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Python: filling an array with text from a list of items

I’ve got a list of strings and I want to fill an array with the text between the quotes of the strings:
item1 = “text here”
item2 = “more text here”

I want to populate an array with the text like so:
array = [“text here”, “more text here”]

How would I go about this?


If your list is already in the variable named my_list, you can do it like this. (This seems to be your problem, as your post never really got to python)
your_list = [“text here”, “more text here”] array = [item.strip() for item in your_list]



What you might do is:
>>> items = [“text here”, “more text here”] >>> items
[‘text here’,’more text here’] >>> [item.strip() for item in items] [‘text here’,’more text here’]


How to change default(int) values of fields in Entities?

I have the following table created in SQL Server with the name of Order:

I also have a class called Order:
public class Order
public int OrderID { get; set; }

public string CustomerID { get; set; }

public string OrderDate {


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