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0x40CAD : 0x0B00. AutoCAD 2013 keygen for. The position of this interface is defined in the.. (schema name/export version/export description,.In vitro studies on the effect of two new vaccines on the morphological development of canine oocytes.
The fertility of female dogs is compromised by adverse effects of canine distemper virus (CDV) infection on the reproductive tract. Recently, two new inactivated CDV vaccines, CaniPox-Plus and CDV-MV, which are based on the CDV type 2 (cdv-2), have been developed. These vaccines have been shown to protect against clinical disease and CDV type 2 in a few in vitro tests. However, the effect of these vaccines on the morphological development of canine oocytes has not been investigated. Therefore, our aim was to investigate the effect of CaniPox-Plus and CDV-MV on the developmental competence of canine oocytes. In Experiment 1, oocytes were matured in vitro for 24 h and maturation was evaluated after staining with Hoechst 33342. Results indicated that CDV-MV significantly decreased the rate of formation of MII stage oocytes as compared to unvaccinated control group (control vs. CDV-MV: 50.3% vs. 24.6%; P


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The aim of this study was to evaluate the intrarenal effects of a proteinuria in animal models. Albuminuria was induced in normal and proteinuric mice by daily intravenous injection of human serum albumin, while rats were studied under normal or proteinuric conditions. Albumin excretion rate was evaluated on the basis of the urinary albumin/creatinine ratio. The expression of the proteins gp130 and alpha-smooth muscle actin was investigated by immunohistochemistry. The alterations of the extracellular matrix and the epithelium were evaluated by histology and immunohistochemistry using type IV collagen, and cytokeratin 8, respectively. The change of gene expression was studied by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. A dose- and time-dependent increase of albumin excretion rate was observed after the injection of albumin. The urinary albumin/creatinine ratio was 1.19+/-0.12 mg/mg creatinine for normal mice and 13.22+/-1.46 mg/mg creatinine for proteinuric mice. The ratio was 2.41+/-0.33 mg/mg creatinine for nonproteinuric rats and 16.15+/-1.83 mg/mg creatinine for proteinuric rats. The change of gene expression induced by an albuminuria in mice and rats was similar. The intensity of the immunostaining for gp130 increased in tubules of proteinuric mice. A modified expression of the intermediate filaments was observed in proteinuric rats, which corresponded to the intensity of the staining for type IV collagen. These changes were observed only in the proximal tubules and were associated with tubular obstruction. A proteinuria can induce a renal expression of gp130, which corresponds to a modification of the intermediate filaments in


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