Vadhyar Malayalam Movie Dvdrip Download Free Movies 🠶

Vadhyar Malayalam Movie Dvdrip Download Free Movies 🠶

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Vadhyar Malayalam Movie Dvdrip Download Movies

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bollywood has always been the leader when it comes to producing malayalam movies and then coming to the west for making them profitable. but, the film industry needs to acknowledge that it won’t be long before hollywood will own their house. this is now evident by the first malayalam movie to emerge out of the hollywood ghettoes in the form of m.k.konmar’s vadhyar. the movie addresses a situation similar to the one that confronted the industry before they were driven out of india. concerning the release of the film they say, “this is a film about a guy who is a teacher with a great intention. but his intention is incomplete with every passing day. he just wishes to be a good teacher. he believes that by teaching the students he will bring some positive change to their lives. but at the end of the day, his situation turns bad and he is forced to make a decision. he has to decide what is right or wrong in teaching these students. the question is, whether teaching or acting should come first or if both can come together. what he fails to understand is that he should be able to act so that his teaching will be more effective. but as a teacher he teaches the wrong kind of lessons. the government school he works in uses archaic methods to teach. and that is when he decides to change the environment of the school. that is how we started this film. the problem with people is that they fail to understand that teachers too are students of their own teacher. they are in this world to learn from their teachers and that is why they are here.”

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