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Tropical Cuties Deli Sara

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How to adjust widget positioning on the parent DIV using position:absolute?

I have an absolute positioned DIV with a textbox and some other elements in it. I want to position the textbox relative to the text in the DIV. I have this code:
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So the text in the span and the input are both left-justified relative to the left edge of the DIV. The problem is that this is displayed below the DIV, but the input should appear above the text.
If I use position:relative on the DIV, I can position the input relative to the text in the DIV, but it’s position is not determined by the left edge of the DIV.
Is there a way to position the input above the text without making the DIV relative?


If you want to have the input textbox just under the span containing the text, you have to make sure that the text-position is positioned over the input text. This is done with the vertical-align property. In your example, it should be:
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The vertical-align property tells the browser where to place the actual output. In this case, it places it above the text.
Hope this helps!


MVC Partial View disable validation

I have a view that contains a link, when the link is clicked i switch to a different view using ajax call, during the ajax call i return a Partial View, this works, the problem is, the previous view still tries to

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