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How to transform an EC2 instance to a free one?

I have a EC2 instance, how to transform it to a free one?
I have checked these questions and answers, but I think I still don’t understand something.

How to cancel an EC2 instance?
How to migrate EC2 instance to a new one?
Is there a way to upgrade my EC2 instance to the free plan?

My EC2 instance is stopped, in this moment I only can find the IP address. But if the instance is stopped, I think it is not ready yet.
I am confused with this question, because there’s no state that a instance has the service stopped or ready.


I’ve never done it, I am not sure it’s possible to downgrade.

But if the instance is stopped, I think it is not ready yet.

A stopped instance is in a transition stage where it is being moved to another destination. The reason that you can see the IP address is the instance has not yet been terminated and stopped at the destination. The destination is probably in a transition as well. At the destination, the instance will be spun up and the DNS/hostname is delegated to it. This is called blue-green deployment.
Blue-green deployments are handled by an instance fleet. If you terminate a bunch of instances in an attempt to trigger a termination of the fleet, the fleet owner will notice that, and you won’t get to terminate the instance. It also prevents the instance from being able to terminate and have the whole instance fleet terminated at once. That’s why, if you terminate the instance, it’s important to wait long enough before terminating the fleet so the instance isn’t available to terminate and then stop the fleet at the same time.


How can I add a different product

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