Tahlil Nu Pdf

Tahlil Nu Pdf

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Tahlil Nu Pdf

. Tahlil is of two kinds: brief and standard. That is why tahlil was followed in calling maulavis for Nuruddin ar-Ranjawi.

Tahlil is a customary way to prepare before giving duaan (prayer). It is also the process of preparation and of. Muhammad follows tahlil (prayer) for one minute in every important prayer.
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Tahlil Nu Pdf
Tahlil Nu Pdf


In the name of Allah
Alhamdulillah NU have been spread wide and far by the Holy Prophet of Islam in Makkah and the believers in Madinah, and today with the great success of our Prophet Sallalahu Alayhi Wassallam and NU in Indonesia. There are several steps in launching a “mula” operations. First, it is to send invitation to the. partners and to invite their participation in the project. Second, it is a “nazr” to send a mission team to oversee the work with other partners in the area which has been planned for. Third, it is to convene the board of trustees and other support team in NU where each member will have duty and responsibility. Fourth, it is the proclamation of the launching of “mula” project. Finally, it is to hand over the work to the team and will be the mission that has been started. NU has its successes and outstanding in many areas. The successful projects are launching of our 4th level counseling centers and teaching courses in both Makkah and Madinah. Also, the successful launching of “mula” call center center in Makkah. All the mentioned above are success and are used as an example for others to follow. The success depends on the main things, which are fund raising, team building, awareness, guidance and spiritual guidance. In addition to the mentioned steps, launching a “mula” project also needs a process of analysis and planning before the launch. This project should be comprehensive analysis and planning in order to reach the goals as much as possible. These goals will be an effective methodology that will succeed and will become a commitment to the achievement of the goal by the management. In this study, in order to achieve the aims of this project, an analysis and planning was done through workshops and meetings. First workshop was held on 1st October 2017 and 2nd was held on 18 October 2017. The results of the 1st workshop were the sample of the list of instruments for “mula” project and the objectives of the project. The second workshop was done so that the results obtained from the first workshop could be discussed further to find out the areas of weakness in which there is the need for improvement. The 1st workshop was done by sharing information to other members of the study group. The 2nd workshop was planned and held on 18 October 2017 with


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