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Siemens Nx 8.5 Crack

Use of the BBC Sport website or app to stream to your TV or device is subject to our Cookies policy. BBC iPlayer is a free service and is provided by the BBC in the UK and the BBC World Service, which is funded by the UK licence fee.

BBC iPlayer must be played through the BBC iPlayer app on iOS and Android devices (iOS and Android). Browser plugins may not be supported on all browsers. BBC iPlayer is available to British residents only.

To access programmes or some services you will need a TV licence. If you do not have a TV licence, you can find out more about our licence fee and the BBC services available to you on our About the BBC page.1894 in science

The year 1894 in science and technology involved some significant events, listed below.

Summer – Wladislaw Bajanowicz demonstrates his sister’s atmospheric theory that he proposed to Baron von Gröningen in 1890.
Alfred Salpeter finds the population of Algol in the 18th century was about 7,700, putting it into the O–F star sequence.

October 17 – Albert von Frisch and Fritz Müller publish a report that suggests honeybees may use the “waggle dance” to communicate. This paper, the earliest to suggest that honeybees possess language-like abilities, takes some credit for this discovery, although the authors are unsure if this ability is a learned or instinctual behavior.

August 6 – Elements are discovered by the English chemist Philip S. Wightman – the radium isotopes radium-228, radium-228m, and radium-228n – and Curie group elements radium-226, radium-228, radium-229 and transuranium element radon-222.
August 13 – Ernest Rutherford discovers the atomic number element radium.

Computer science
January 14 – Herman Hollerith invents the first commercially successful punched-card tabulator, in 1884, to solve the problem of maintaining Roman numerals in tabular data.

History of science
Rolando Pérez y Melchor de Jáuregui publishes the first biography of Isaac Newton in Spain, Commentario sobre el curso de la naturaleza, published in Granada.

Physiology and medicine
July 20 – Dorothea Bate Franklin – the first woman to be

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