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Southey is a rural municipality in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, located in Division No. 6, along the Saskatchewan River in the east central portion of the province.

According to the Canadian Census of 2011, Southey has a population of 216, giving it a density of 0.3 inhabitants/km².


In 2006, Southey had a population of 214 in 56 dwellings, a -6.2% decrease from 2001. On a surface of 687.70 km² it has a density of 0.4 inhabitants/km².

Communities and localities

The following urban municipalities are surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Southey:




Resort Villages


Organized crime

In March 2006, the RCMP alleged that some of the Southey, Saskatchewan residents associated with the Hash Bash, a yearly cannabis smoking party, had committed some violent crimes during the festivals.

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