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P2P web app multiplayer – One to Many

i know that the topic of p2p is a whole lot and in particular on how to create an istant messaging system (basically, once you are connected you send messages to all others, and they receive it), also, how to efficiently distribute data, and how to synchronize them with all others. I managed to do a prototype that works, and i’m pretty much okay with it, but since this is the 1st time i’m working with this kind of architecture, some things are still not clear to me.
First of all, here’s what i’m doing:

A list of players, along with their teammates, with their profiles (they can be online, offline, or both) and their gamerparoles (each player has his own gamerpoles, it’s a generic term for the specific words/phrases that would be said by all of them, whether they are online or offline)
Once the game starts, the first player (can be A or B) starts speaking/saying, and the others are supposed to listen to the “boss” and if he really is a boss, reply with a “Yes!” or “No!”
The system works like this: if the player A says “I’m the boss” and the player B is looking at him, he’ll hear “I’m the boss”. If he listens to A, he hears “I’m the boss”, but if he listens to B, he’ll hear “I’m the boss” and he’ll also send a message to all players saying “I’m the boss” (this way the message gets to all players)

As far as i see things, this way of making multiplayer games works pretty well, because if i add more players (starting from 2) the system works like a well-oiled machine and there’s no difference between the time it takes to get things to work and the time it takes to do the same with 4, 6 or even 10 players.
But i have a hard time figuring out how to send the message to all players.
I’m thinking about the message like this:

I’m the boss: All players gets a message that says: I’m the boss

This way i can have a database with a list of all players, and each time a new player receives a message, he can populate his list of players (along with their


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