Pokemon Battle Revolution All Pokemon Save File !!HOT!!

Pokemon Battle Revolution All Pokemon Save File !!HOT!!


Pokemon Battle Revolution All Pokemon Save File

it’s a shame, because the features of battle revolution are good, and are innovative in ways that many people probably didn’t even know existed. in the ds mode, the interactive environment draws you to various pokmon and items for a more active experience. in the wii mode, you can transfer your game to a friend and battle them using a completely separate friend code. the only reason why you might not use the ds as a controller to play battle revolution (or any pokmon game for that matter) is if you want to see the story in the 3d instead of the monocular perspective. otherwise, the game is well worth a look. you can see a full list of compatibility features at http://www.pokemon.com/system/gameinfo/wii_battle_rev_ds.html .

what does pokemon need? beats. and funk. these two things are crucial, because pokemon games are all about music. thus the existence of pokkén. a fighting game that plays the music of your favorite pokémon. a game that mixes the adrenaline rush of street fighter iv‘s perfect meter and the synchronized feeling of punishment‘s intense back beat. with pokkén, your pokémon is more than just a cute game character. instead, it’s a work of art. an intricate, artistic experience that captures the essence of a different genre.

with pokkén, you compete against powerful opponents, not just using your pokémon, but all of them. so why is pokkén so strong? because it uses all the power of your pokémon and your wii controller, along with your heartbeat to make the pokémon fight. a new experience, one that will make you want to throw your wii controller around the room. just like you probably love pokkén.

pokemon stadium 2 – ruby league – this is the stadium that first introduced the special effects surrounding the battle scene. the battle maps are a large 3-dimensional map that features red, blue, and yellow pillars that each have their own physical effect when they’re used in battle.
pokemon stadium 3 – firered league – this stadium is a level up over pokemon stadium 2. each of the red, blue, and yellow pillars are color coordinated, even if they are the same size and shape as those of stadium 2. the effect pillars only display their color for the duration that the pillar is being used.
pokemon stadium 4 – emerald league – the white pillars of stadium 3 are replaced with a purple, lime green, and green pillar that each display their own color. they also, along with the blue pillars, can flash on and off several times during the battle.
pokemon stadium 5 – diamond league – the purple pillars of stadium 4 are replaced with blue, yellow, and red pillars. those pillars are the same size and shape as those of stadium 3 but they are color coordinated as well.
the battles in the stadia are between two teams of two pokemon each, but the teams are not randomly selected by default. instead, the player is assigned two random teams of pokemon from two separate pools. once battle begins, the two teams are put into a random battle order so it can be difficult to set up against an opponent if it starts as a random matchup.
if, as a trainer, you want to be better than your opponent in pokemon battle revolution, the next step is to challenge other trainers in a battle league. in the lobbies you’ll see yourself listed as a regular player on the left side of the screen. your friend list is on the right side. you can connect to friends via nintendo wi-fi connection or send direct messages to your friend via the wii’s own text messaging system.


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