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And I’ve never met a more reassuring friend than my dad who constantly gives me reason to live.

Like the time he remembered I had gotten into my first year of college ‘almost on time’ and gave me the good news without any sense of condescension. Or the time he called to find out why I hadn’t called since his birthday. Or the times he drove me to the cafe and instructed me on how to manage my own funds, or when he did the same for my brother. Or even the time he scheduled his own surgery so he could meet the same age cut-off for a free prostate exam. I still remember his whisper, his barely a whisper yet deeply urgent, “‘Tis true, but [sigh] it’s something I’d like to have.”

So here’s to my dad, my biggest cheerleader — till the very end. And beyond.

We recently attended the funeral of a good friend who died of cancer at an unimaginable age for a stage IV cancer. One of the highlights of the funeral was hearing his lawyer speak at his eulogy. He talked about how his friend lived by a rule he called ‘the gift of time’ and how his friend really understood the importance of quality time with people he loved, and that to him that meant time with his family.

At the end of his speech, he simply said: “The gift of time is precious…

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