Pb Downforce Anti Ban Sxe 11.6.113l ♚

Pb Downforce Anti Ban Sxe 11.6.113l ♚

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Pb Downforce Anti Ban Sxe 11.6.113l

the anti body that is currently available for the car does not have an engine cover, but is in a soft shell package with the necessary cooling. so although the engine cover is not in this version it will eventually be in the near future and will be available for all our standard body styles.

carbon fibre will be used on the body. all zoolite body shells will be made of 0.5mm thick precision cnc’ed alloy panels. at the zoolite shop, those panels are made up as a pre-formed plate and therefore reducing the overall weight of the shell. most standard body shells are made out of thick plastic, which reduces the performance. each shell will be polished and have a final five layers of foam. these foam layers will be cut at the factory to perfectly fit the body shell. so by using a zoolite body, not only the complete shell will be 10g lighter than the equivalent standard body shell but, due to the manufacturing, it will be 5 to 10g thinner than any other option.

the new cnc’ed alloy shells that are available for the zoolite body shapes will produce a much more efficient and legal body shell that will be stronger than any of the standard bodies and will significantly reduce weight of the shell.

the desired anti-lift performance will be 8-10nm, while the anti-squat will be about 20-30% for the super sport boxes and close to 100% for all other body styles. all of these will be part of the car kit configuration.

we will be offering very full coverage of the design and production process to ensure that customers will have full transparency of the build process and we will always keep the customer fully updated.

to calculate the height of the car to which anti-lift is applied, in inches, a line is drawn from the front axle centre to the rear axle centre. this line must be a little bit longer than the standard wheelbase. the line must also be at the same angle as the side view swing arm as shown above. the line must be measured from the ground. this is the standard height of the car. the plane of the side view swing arm must pass through this line.
it happens every year that a team will get an unexpected update that completely takes the team by surprise, and requires making major changes to their setup. this usually happens when there is an upgrade to components that require a large budget. this gives a lot of teams the opportunity to make the same upgrade on their own car, leading to the scenario being able to instantly learn how to use a new piece of equipment.
scandinavian flexible and extreme fenders are the guys to see on the tarmac – better than most aftermarket solutions we’ve seen. snug with oem fenders and will comfortably fit a wide range of cars, while maintaining the robust look of your car.
this area of the car is engineered to provide the most downforce possible while retaining the car’s handling. the non-functional, undercut, venturi design of the car provides the most downforce possible by creating a venturi vacuum effect, in which the wind passes through the car, and through the front area of the car. the extreme front of the car is angled inwards at 6 degrees. this creates a wider opening than the rear of the car as seen in the image below.


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