A great practice in giving  “Abhaya Dāna”

“Dāna” means giving or donating.  It is one of the highest qualities of human civilization, accepted and appreciated by all religions and societies.

In the teaching of the Buddha ‘dāna’ occupies a unique place.  The supreme goal of Buddhists is to reach Nirvāna which is the cessation of all suffering. The three steps towards achieving this is Dāna (giving) Sēla (virtuous living through discipline or morality) and Bhāvanā (meditation).

Cattle releaeThe highest spiritual attainment before reaching Nirvāna is to become a Buddha (Enlightened One or the Awakened One). The path to reaching Buddhahood is to practice Dasa Pāramithā (Ten Perfections) of which the practice of ‘Dāna’ is the first. It is to donate food, clothes, houses, medicine and other such essentials needed for living. It means helping by whatever means a person suffering due to the lack of all or some of the above. Continue reading



The Buddha was an embodiment of all great virtues. In Him was the embodiment of the
highest morality (Sila), deepest concentration (Samadhi) and penetrative wisdom
(Panna) – qualities unsurpassed and unparalleled in human history. These great noble
qualities were mentioned in the sacred texts dealing with the discourses of the Buddha.
Buddhists all over the world recite and contemplate on the nine sublime virtues as
contained in the Pali formula, in their daily devotional exercises. Although the Buddha
possesses various other noble qualities, here in this formula, only nine are depicted. It is
not out of place to mention that in certain other schools of Buddhism, the followers have
introduced diverse Buddhas by alluding to some of these great qualities of the Buddha.


Directed and Undirected Meditation

I have taught directed meditation; and I have taught undirected meditation. Whatever is to be done by a teacher with compassion for the welfare of students, that has been done by me out of compassion for you. Here are the roots of trees. Here are empty places. Get down and meditate. Don’t be lazy. Don’t become one who is later remorseful. This is my instruction to you.


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