Neethane En Ponvasantham (2012) English Subtitles BEST 🤟🏽

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Neethane En Ponvasantham (2012) English Subtitles

well, i for one, was not expecting the english to be as fluent as it was. i expected the nachos to be boring. but the film made it beautiful. its the kind of watch that just makes you enjoy the view. a pain in the neck film. 🙂 keep it up sir.

same here!! i for one, didnt expect good english in such a backward film. its a blast. this film is definitely the perfect blend of “bad english, bad english, good english, good english, problem done” it was extremely obvious that the devamam script was written in english. hence, all the good and bad english in the film is attributed to the english writing in this film. i also loved how the hero didnt even have a complaint about the english in the film. that made the film more believable.

goutham, you sir have produced what i know is a very unique film indeed! this film is a delight and i can happily say that this is the first time that i have ever been able to enjoy a film which so bravely tells the right message about love against all odds! i hope this film is able to generate public awareness about aids, the disease and the effects on the younger generation.

also, i loved the fact that nithya was portrayed as a straight, career-oriented girl who was somewhat serious about her choice and her commitments to it. that was refreshing, especially coming from someone like nithyas tamil roles. i felt that she had some of the rare qualities that actresses like her would strive to be: understanding, self-possessed and mature. the film really did justice to the story and made it work despite being a typical love triangle flick. neethane en ponvasantham isnt genre-defying in the conventional sense, but it was also a rather perfect romantic comedy. i really cant think of any other film that has a genre-vague but endearing story and characertures, but nonetheless each character being perfect for his or her niche. nithyas nedunjukkum neethaane might have been the little girl in school, but her confidence, her poise and her composure on screen are quite adult. her toned-down leading man was equally nuanced.

when the dad is talking to varun about his mother, one of the fathers friends says that if you have a relationship with a woman that always has one foot out the door, then you want to be the one to always have one foot in. the film is full of the same kinds of lines the world over, and goutham plays them with realness. varuns clunky english is, like his englishness is, is rendered with realness and ease. the film does have moments of romance and occasional tenderness, and some of them are sparked by the musical numbers. the movie, initially, feels very much like a bollywood masala, as we see the couple step-by-step woo each other, and as they have their low point (the end), they come back stronger, and slightly older. but, over time, the film also feels like a period film, with a lot of the moments in between being those in any romance: the kitchen spat, the first kiss, the typical scene at home, the embarrassing misunderstandings, the parents, the mild disappointment, the lovers under duress, the struggle to make a man out of the hero, and so on. in the 1970s you could make some pretty slick romantic comedy, but the films arent as slick this time. the music and the bollywood-isms are one part of that; as a period film, this is still a film of the present day.
among the three movies in this series, this one is the most personal and the least family-friendly, and also the most in love with itself. but it is also the most satisfying. goutham has said he wanted to do a rajini film and he has. the director is not afraid to do something dark, but he is also not afraid to love. this is the movie he has always wanted to make and he has. it has moments of great comedic, and even dramatic, power, and the music is just wonderful. if he hadnt made this movie, this year would have been a little poorer. but the fact that he has done it shows that he isnt the sadistic type. he has chosen to take the trajectory he wants to, and he tells you upfront that its not going to be a stroll in the park. this is the kind of film that gives you a reason to live and believe, and i think its a product of a slowly acclimatising director making his first go at this. its a strong start in a very lucrative genre.

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