Mount And Blade Warband Morale Cheat [TOP]


Mount And Blade Warband Morale Cheat

the other way to increase morale is when you get one for your troops. you can achieve this at the lord’s court before the battle, during the battle, and immediately after the battle. the soldiers will get a morale boost for a number of hours based on the amount they earned.

each troop gets a morale boost of 500 for a battle. so, for example, if you take your second and third units on a battle and get the second one 3,500 morale boost and the third one another 2,500, your army will be raised by that amount during the battle. the amount raised by two units’ morale boost is the same as if both units had their morale boost combined.

you can also summon a troop to your party during the battle. to do so, first close the combat combat window. then, while you are currently in combat, right click on the troop you want to summon. your troop will appear in the combat window!

you can now press the + key and then the z key to summon a troop. or, simply press z and then the + key. that will summon it. you can summon a second troop to come by z+i. you cannot summon a second troop in the same battle.

when youre ready to enjoy the game fully, you will need to download a mod from nexus. nexus is a website that hosts mods for several games including mount and blade. you can easily get a mod for this game there. to download it, youll need to install the mod manager there. if you are willing to use a mod manager to download and install mods, you should definitely get the mod manager installed for it. once you have downloaded the mod from nexus, install it through the mod manager.

in order to use a mount, you will need to have a minimum of 13 in the mount skill, though you’ll be able to go even higher. we have some excellent warband mods to help you make the most of your mount. check out the following links:
if you need more help, or need to mount your mount again after you have mounted it, you can use the mount repair command. the repair command will allow you to repair your mount for a small amount of stamina, allowing you to mount your mount a third time.
in order to unmount your mount, you must right click on it, and choose ‘unmount’. if you have items in your mount, you can use the /mount command to put them back into your storage, and you can even put your mount back into storage if you’re not riding it.
but that is not all! you can also use console commands to play around with the world to find interesting places and even build or destroy things. this is especially useful when there is no ingame tutorial or quest to learn all the commands. while console commands are not limited to mount & blade, the above list of commands and their usage is ideal for the game. if you are interested in learning more, feel free to browse around this comprehensive article on the topic.
to see which areas the morale is affecting make sure you are in the combat screen by pressing left alt and then you can see it above your left shoulder on the left panel. in the combat screen you can only see it on the first character but if you are in the party screen and the character next to the one you want to see the morale on is in combat you can see it there as well.

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