Lynlyn Crush Dog

Lynlyn Crush Dog


Lynlyn Crush Dog

“one researcher notes that ‘the most common subject of animal crushing videos is small animals, such as rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits. sometimes they are actual pets. usually they are in a laboratory or veterinary clinic, but sometimes they are being used as part of a scientific study. not surprisingly, the subject of crushing is most often seen in the context of sexual abuse. sometimes the videos are simply explicit sexual abuse, but often they are combined with sexual abuse. many people who view these videos are parents, and they are shocked and distressed.’ another researcher states that ‘when they found many videos on the dark web claiming to show executions of animals used in scientific research, they called the university theses advisors and made complaints. however, the university found that the animals were killed humanely, and the thesis concluded that the animal’s suffering was not the purpose of the experiment. the researchers could not get the university to investigate the video.

“another researcher says that ‘the most common subject of the animal crush videos found on the web is dogs. it is surprising to see that scientists use animal crush videos when they are trying to create an animal model, and in fact, animals such as rats and guinea pigs are used for medical purposes or in research. scientists are usually well educated and even educated in the use of humane methods. therefore, we expect that they know better and do not need to crush animals.

the police and the philippine animal welfare society are involved in the arrest and investigation of the ridons. they claim that the ridons were recruiting women, usually single mothers, to work in bars and nightclubs where they would pose in crush videos, and that they were using apps to pay people to find and track down the animals for these videos, while at the same time paying the women to take the videos. investigators have alleged that the ridons have been doing this for two years.

as part of the inquiry, sen. jacobo “johnny” belmonte jr. of lingkod ilocos norte (reg. 221,005.00, matilda street, sta. rosa city) headed up a team of committee investigators who have interviewed more than two dozen people, including the ridons themselves, their lawyers, and witnesses to the slaughter of thousands of dogs.
this past may, the committee heard testimony that the ridons personally slaughtered tens of thousands of dogs, over a period of years, while consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs, and viewing numerous types of extreme crush videos. “despite the ridons’ claim that the killing was done humanely to prevent the dogs from being put to sleep,” according to the committee report, “common sense would dictate that the ridons would have euthanized the dogs using a different method than just crushing the dogs’ skulls.”
an expert on animal psychology, who testified before the committee, made the disturbing revelation that the ridons, in their frenzied days of torturing the dogs, would sometimes hold their dogs by the neck for extended periods, in order to inflict greater damage and to make the dog all the more upset. cruelty to animals is a capital offense in the philippines. so is distributing or promoting animal crush videos.
local animal rights organizations (laros) and individuals have been actively investigating animal crush videos on the internet since at least 2001, and have documented hundreds of victims of these twisted materials, ranging from dogs and cats to horses, sheep, and goats.
“they find animal crushing videos on the dark web and then surf the web for other related videos, and if they find any, they send the links to each other through peer-to-peer software..they are usually just a few minutes long, but there can be many, and can often range in length from a few seconds to a few hours. sometimes the videos contain re-enactments of animal crush, or they may use video editing software to go from footage of a live animal to an edited video of an animal being crushed, strangled, and suffocated. at the end of the video, the operator usually threatens the animal with death if the victim does not comply with the operator’s demand, or brags about his or her cruelty. it’s not clear what effect the videos have on the animals, but researchers say they are likely to be terrified and distressed by them.

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