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Watford (London, U.K.),

having worked only with the word “IT” at context it’s meaning “IT’S” at the end of the statement. The ambiguity is caused by the presence of the word “IT” at the beginning.

The word “it” can be replaced with “it’s”. Thus, the statement can be seen as “We are now working with the it’s function”.

However, in the discussion of the sentence, it seems that this is wrong.
The sentence in context is the background of the discussion.
1: We are now working with the it’s function.
2: We have replaced the it with its.
3: We can write the sentence in three ways.
a: We are working with the it’s function.
b: We are working with its function.
c: We have replaced the it with its.

The sentence “We are now working with the it’s function” is considered the background of the discussion.
“it’s” is not intended to mean “its”.
“it’s” is an abbreviation of “it is”.
“its” is not an abbreviation of “it’s”.


The word it can be used for the concept, but not for the name of the thing, unless some context makes it clear what the word it refers to.

Aye, it’s that!

Now, that is a different story; it does not mean “it’s” but “it is”.
Similarly, its is an abbreviation of it is.

We work in the it’s sector.
We work in its sector.

However, in your example, the sentence

We work with its function

contains a word it does not mean.
The word it refers to is the noun function, and this is the sole purpose of the word it.
What the sentence means is

We work with the function.


How to run a specific test cases in Testcafe Selenium through command line?

I have multiple test cases in my Testcafe project and I want to run only specific test cases via command line. How to run specific test cases from command line?


Execute the command with the –name parameter
e.g. testcafe chrome My


U. X= Cm ln 6 d Mw. windings, with equivalent windings per pole, of 150,000 turns*2, and its line to the motor is live, and variable. Facing the line is a potentiometer, connected so that a short circuit will drop the potential in the arc by one half volt per turn of the control. Ignition of the arc is effected by an ani- thermic or thermopile peltier assembly, which is set up so that a predetermined rate of current begins to flow in the arc, and a current flow is maintained until the current drop across the arc has exceeded a given percentage of the rated current. It is assumed that the arc will be allowed to burn out by the system automatically. This question will be discussed in more detail later in the paper.
The motor (an EMCO M2T-CT-K.D3) is a 3,000 cm.2 (the coil Diameter) 50,000 volts a.c.d.m.p. motor, with 50 separate windings of 25,000 turns each, each connected to its own individual resistor from the supply. The excitation system is shown in Fig. 3. Although the magnetic fields are being tapped… the motor is being driven directly by a field-shaping network. There is a connection to the motor so that a short circuit will cause it to stop….
line, S 0,000 m contour, R 0,000 to per pole,. the lines are of the lightning rod type, with one of the lugs of each line joined by a 4 inch cord to a divided centre tap on the supply. The arms of the supply are terminated with a plug-in cell arranged as shown in Fig. 4, but in practice the supply is adapted so that the plug-in cell is not removable. The whole arrangement is mounted on a 2×4 ft. heavy steel base, and in Fig. 1 is seen suspended by straps from the top of the base, a vertical iron rod, which is perforated to allow the recirculated air to pass through in carrying away the water….
Fig. 3 shows the arrangement for controlling the firing of the arc lamps…,.. Since the arc is powerful, the supply network must include a number of series condensers to bring the current to less than the arc voltage rating….
Fig. 4 shows the protective


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