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The conversation you have with someone about your digital footprint can be just as important as the conversation you have with them about who you are in real life. Plus, the internet is just too damn good at online liars. We’ve all had that one internet bad boy who sent you photos of his lady-boy girlfriend, because that. But what if you aren’t exactly who you say you are, and someone you meet online turns out to be super sketchy? Well, that’s a story for another time, folks.

Today’s topic: Picking the right profile photos.

A good start

Before you even open up your Facebook profile, review the kind of photos you’ve put up so far, and decide whether or not they’re a good representation of yourself. Sure, some of them may have been taken in a stale, gray room with a bright blue rug on the floor (because you can only take so many photos in a hot pink living room), but they could be gorgeous. Let’s start from the top, with the best pictures.

Your group photo

The one and only picture, assuming you’re not an absolute anorexic (and please, trust me when I say your profile probably says otherwise). No one’s going to be fooled by your profile picture, unless you’re a clown or a clown from a sketch show. If you really want to, you can use the “make me be a celebrity” feature on Facebook—this is great for people who aren’t too fond of their real life photos—but ultimately this picture will be just as good as the ones you’ve been using.

Your “I have a kitty!” photo

If you have some kind of pet, like a cat or a pterodactyl, you should probably stick with the kitten option. The disadvantage to the picture of a kitty (or a chick, pterodactyl, dragon, etc) is that, like a group photo, it looks like you’re putting on an act. Sure, kitties are cute, but make them look like real cats or you might come off as a liar. Besides, you can always skip this option and post some of your cat’s photos—of course they won’t look nearly as good as the main picture.

Your “I’m sorry, I’m terrible at taking photos” photo

Want to confess to Facebook just how terrible you are at taking photos? This is your option. This one may http://www.freechatz.net/articles/top-ukrainian-hookup-sites-how-to-meet-hot-kiev-women
Because what’s more modern than the Internet? And, if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can take the online world by storm and, well, avoid those heartaches and disasters of the past.

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First off, you have to understand that going on a series of dates with the goal of setting up a one-night stand, the so-called sugar-date, is not the preferred means for finding a relationship (though it can be used to set you up). That being said, dating in general is still pretty much the same—it’s just the method that’s modern. So, in the spirit of modern dating, here’s a few best practices you can use to start online dating:

The Internet Rules

1. Listen to a little podcast, just in case

Maybe it’s because I run a technology-driven site and curate a round-up of the best online dating tips and tricks, but I always find myself browsing through some form of entertainment when I sign in to a dating site and that typically means some kind of podcast or an audio book. There are so many ways to escape the isolation that comes with browsing the Internet for hours on end.

In the real world, you have to just be upfront and say that you’re “stuck in an airport and have nothing to do.” On the Internet, you can always turn to any of the number of semi-self-absorbing podcasts to listen to. Particularly, the dating ones. Ever listen to the Lovecast? That’s this very site. Did you know there is a podcast version of it? Now you do.

2. Make a profile that stands out

Let’s face it: The profiles we see across the Internet are all the same. There is no better day than the first day of Tinder. You see a profile, you swipe left/right/up/down, and then you send them a message. Tinder is not the only site for this, and no one expects something more than a profile and a message, so get over it.

You will look at all the pros and cons of how to make a profile that stands out from the crowd, but if you’re doing online dating, it starts with a clean slate. That means that you have to take the time to make a profile that is unique. You should take the


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