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In what scenario is using enums considered bad practice?

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What are the uses of enum in C# programming

First, I know there’s a major debate on the usefulness of enums. Second, most of the time I’ve seen enums used, they’ve been useless or at least, barely useful.
What are some examples in software development that you can think of in which using an enum for something is clearly a bad idea?


Using Enums for configuration.
You should create a class to encapsulate the configuration information and then your program code can access this configuration just by calling a method on the configuration class. By doing this, the configuration information can be checked for validity during compilation. For example:
public class Configuration
public enum Status

public bool IsValid()
return _status == Status.Inactive;

public Status Status
get { return _status; }
set { _status = value; }

private Status _status;

The validator above ensures that the Status object is in an “Inactive” state and that the enum value is in range “Inactive” -> “Active”. You can then use the Status.Active.
The benefit of this is not the validation, it’s that the Configuration object has the validation checked for us. We can’t compile this code
var config = new Configuration();

because it can’t be sure that the Status is valid. Using the example above, you could modify the Validate method to do the same validation and avoid having to write

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