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is an adventure-action sandbox game set in a procedurally-generated, voxel world where everything can be harvested, built or destroyed.
The player starts by controlling a tribe of primitive island survivors. Through skills and careful management of resources, a tribe’s survival will eventually lead to their own fate.
In Early Access the game offers several seasons: In Spring the rising tides and warm weather favor the growth of new vegetation. Harvesting is easy and animals are not yet wary of you. In Summer, the weather becomes cold and all vegetation gets dormant. Stay warm and collect your harvest! In Autumn the wind and rain are dry and cold and the pace is slow. It’s time to make shelter and prepare for winter. In Winter, the cold blasts again and there is hunger in the land. The seasons continue to repeat with a hard stop after a few years.
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Smart City is a city management game in the near future about setting the pace for your city to become world’s most intelligent city.
The game is open-world and creates a vibrant street life where citizens use the latest technology in public transportation to navigate the city. Your goal is to build up your city and become one of the most powerful city in the world.
1.World based city:
A wide open world that creates a unique dynamic for every city and player.
The seamless streets give you complete access to the citizens of your city and put you to control the traffic and public transport of your city.
3.Realistic citizen models:
With detailed skin, cloth and cloth movement, the citizens of your city become a living breathing part of it.
4. MyCities:
Build a world of your own and make the world play your city’s music, setting city’s own speed and make sure that the comfort will be offered for all citizens
5. Smart City Hub:
Create your city’s management centre that allows you to deal with all citizens at once.
6. Cars:
Cars are the most direct and necessary way to get around a city, with the most real looking car rendering.
7. Individual shops:
Bring life to your city with different shops and vendors where you can use your funds, skills and social influence to earn money.
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