Ibrahim Tatlises Full Discography [REPACK]

Ibrahim Tatlises Full Discography [REPACK]


Ibrahim Tatlises Full Discography

özel kollektif is a turkish rock band of mainly the turkish musicians from istanbul formed in 1982. it is also known by its turkish nickname “collektif” (translated from turkish) which can be translated as “collective”. the band consists of the members alp mestzoğlu (guitar), haldun soydal (percussion), aziz sancar (bass), yavuz ayda (lead vocal, harmonica, guitar) and asuman cekmece (keyboards). kawaguni is a turkish folk/rock band and one of the most prominent bands within the turkish alternative music scene. although the band is named after the japanese word for “rainbow”, the band members’ musical influences are the turkish folk music tradition and pop music. the band, whose lineup has changed a few times over the years, is currently comprised of vocalist/guitarist murat onan, keyboard player yılmaz oğuzmen, drummer mehmet ökal, guitarist/producer yusuf çevik and bass player ahmet akçepa. saz is a turkish new wave band formed in 1985 by some of the musicians from the 1970s rock band, beyoğlu, which broke up in 1974. after the breakup of beyoğlu the members of saz formed a new band under the name halaglar, whose repertoire was more pop. they split up in 1977 and separated their assets. the three members went their separate ways. keyboards player kemal oğuzmen was busy with his music production, and formed the saz band in 1984. there were also other musicians and they were the founder members of saz, including rhythm guitarist serdar gökçe, bass guitarist serhat baran, drummer erdoğan güneysu, singer çiğdem özmen and keyboard player kader yalçın. ökal was involved in beyoğlu and saz. he left beyoğlu because of musical differences. in 1989 ökal came back to beyoğlu as a new lead vocalist, but saz did not change the line-up of their lineup and they continued their activities. they also have participated in the eurovision song contest in 1985 with their song “bir sabah”, which made it to the top 3. the band, which consists of six members, rose to prominence in 2001 after winning the “dorm çarkını ne kavradı?” (what did this dorm’s chimney cracked) television contest. işte üyesi (participant) is the turkish comedy tv series based on the band.

ibo tatlises, the most prolific turkish recording artist of all time, began his life with no record of progress or family members, birthed in 1954 by a homeless woman. no one even knew her last name. the youngest of six siblings, ibrahim tatlises was raised by his mother, following his father’s death in 1956. ibo tatlises, the most prolific turkish recording artist of all time, began his life with no record of progress or family members, born in 1954 by a homeless woman. he graduated from okan university medical school in 1977 and was awarded a scholarship to study music at the ohio state university. he returned to turkey to perform and soon found that the talent of an unknown had grown into a star. shaking off a bad influence, he began to write and record his first cassette, which failed to sell. ibo tatlises, the most prolific turkish recording artist of all time, began his life with no record of progress or family members, born in 1954 by a homeless woman. he released his debut cassette and relocated to istanbul. he began a professional career as an actor and entertainer with his first one-hour television series, malki malkıgücü (black chicken) in 1980. the series was a success and became the second most viewed program in turkish television history. his next two cassettes were also popular and within four years, he had released 15 cassettes. tatlises’ success soon sparked an album named ayaginda kandura, which sold 8 million cassettes in the first 12 months. he followed it up with various other albums in this time, including orientals, mavi mavi, șahinci, bana kuştuk and bayak, and sülün malı. in 1985, he hosted the first of three seasons of a popular television series, the ibo show. the series ran for three years and was followed by other successful tv series, including gelin ve aşk, and kış gelin dalım. his albums have topped the charts in turkey for 23 years in a row, including hayat remi, borhayi, bir arada, kime kime, sakin ayinlardan, bir araka tahrani, kıyamet gurme, adi osmanlı canavar türkiye’s ve tirelerin yeri, bir umumun yeri and his first concert dvd, kıyamet gurme. he has been honored as most successful male artist, and has won several awards for his musical and television series performances, including the prestigious golden butterfly award for his collaboration with the turkish tv program zaman oyuncakları (the time singers) in 2015. in addition to his success in the music industry, ibo tatlises has been involved in philanthropic work.


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