Hillsong-This Is Our God Full Album Zip High Quality

Hillsong-This Is Our God Full Album Zip High Quality


Hillsong-This Is Our God Full Album Zip

but as i listened to this album over the last couple of days, i was reminded of what is so great about hillsong. brian houston always had a clear call on the message, but i can also hear the voices of what i call hillsong’s ‘inner circle’ in these songs. this is the group of people that have been a part of hillsong since the early years in australia. it is the group of men that have known brian houston since the early days. they are the ‘kids’ that have grown up with the church and matured into men in god. i could hear the faith and love that they have for each other and for jesus when they sing. this is an album that has been made by people who love and trust each other.

this album is a testament to the fact that hillsong are the church. the church as seen in acts 1:8. i can hear the love and faith they have for the church. and the church is the body of christ. the church is made up of people from different backgrounds and experiences. but people are people. god has called the church together and has made it a family. there is unity in the church and the family of god. if we all could just be brought to this understanding, it would be a wonderful thing. but i think this album is a testament to the fact that the church is a family in the family of god. and the family in god is the church.

speaking of unity, we have unity in this album. there are no divisions. it is like a perfect puzzle piece. it’s not perfect, but it is good. there is a unity in the album, in the fact that all the songs are lead by the same songwriter and the same worship leader. and it is good. it is the same song and the same worship. but there is still room for variation. when i look at the final product, it just makes sense. the songs fit together like a puzzle. but there is always room for a new puzzle piece!

i love the album cover. it is so appropriate. it is like a full view of the church. it’s like god has said “okay, i have created the church. now i want to see it worshiped.” i love the heart shape and the color of the cover. if you look closely, you can see a heart in the center of the cover. this heart is not a symbol. i don’t think it is a symbol of love or unity or anything else. i think it is just a beautiful heart. it is the heart of the church. and the church is the heart of god. he made a wonderful, wonderful work when he made this body of believers. he loves it and he desires for it to worship him. it is my prayer that all this information gets spread far and wide. may it be a testament to the body of christ. in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit.
i pray that this album will be a great way to tell our stories to the world about who jesus is to us. if you dont know who jesus is, if youve never prayed a prayer with your own mouth or asked for prayer or praise, if youve never had a salvation experience, then im sure this album will be a good start in your journey to understanding more about jesus.
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a final point. i just want to say that i am so grateful that this album is not just a collection of songs. this is a worship album, but it is also so much more. in the past i have been too quick to judge a song because it was not written to be sung. there are songs like that on hillsong’s first album, and that’s fine. but you see, this album is not just a collection of songs. it is a collection of songs that have been shaped by a collective and intentional vision. the songs have been written and rewritten, and rehearsed. this album is the embodiment of that. there are real stories here. there are real stories of personal struggle and the battle of faith and unbelief. there are real stories of god’s grace and redemption.


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