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Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


HOLOGRA is a first person combat and strategy game set within the fantastical universe of the HOLOGRA series. Hologra is a powerful force under great threat, and those who command HOLOGRA must be able to wield the force. Players are given a handful of powerful items and powers to use, but will also need to rely on their skills as a commander.

Key Features:

Periodic mission booklets with detailed instructions and challenges

Dynamic battle worlds for the players to interact with

Support for multiple maps and styles of play to provide a selection of game-modes

The right moves at the right time: HOLOGRA’s fighting system blends close-up and “Firing” techniques. Close-up moves is characterized by quick attacks, while “Firing” moves are based on melee attacks that can be chained together. HOLOGRA can defeat strong enemies in multiple ways depending on which moves the player uses.

The ongoing conflict: The HOLOGRA Wars consist of a series of missions. Gameplay is divided into two modes; the main campaign and the skirmish missions. In addition to the regular campaign missions, the skirmish missions can be played at will, with increasing difficulty.

Unlimited potential: In the main campaign, players will fight against an enemy faction and improve their combat skills through the course of the mission. Each time a mission is completed, the player will be rewarded with an individual achievement. By acquiring these achievements, the player will be able to unlock more advanced weapons and upgrades. There are also additional, individual challenges.

Fighting the wilderness: Players can also engage in a variety of “wilderness” mission roles within the campaign. These give HOLOGRA the chance to use the newly acquired skills to attack enemies and defend their own territory.

Scribo: An editing tool that allows players to add their own text to the in-game cutscenes and missions.

Resources: The player can upgrade their combat skills with a selection of different weapons and upgrades.

The Game Details:

Key Features:

Periodic mission booklets with detailed instructions and challenges

Dynamic battle worlds for the players to interact with

Support for multiple maps and styles of play to provide a selection of game-modes

The right moves at the right time: HOLOGRA’s fighting system blends close-up and “Firing” techniques. Close-up moves is characterized by quick attacks, while “


Features Key:

  • Basic Sound Drive song
  • 15 songs with original arrangement
  • All songs except “MISSING” song can be played offline
  • All songs except “MISSING” song with both voice and in battle.
  • Arrangement are not reversed. Custom editing and show are not allowed!
  • Estimated play time is 75 minutes (6 hours)
  • All songs are featured in RPG Maker VX Ace and VX Ace EXPAND!- LN
  • All songs are DRM-free (licensed under Creative Commons license 4.0)
  • All songs can be listened, played, and downloaded from RPG Maker VX Ace package!
  • Lazy/not a fan of game music? No worries, this package includes 20-30 songs with author, composer, music, and credits.
  • Note:
    Only voices are included in this package. You can add your own voice along with the songs in this package to make your own songs when you output from this package!
    If you like this package please consider supporting my work by purchasing this music, your support is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your support!
  • Download:
  • RPG Maker VX Ace – Light Novel Standard Music Vol.2

    RPG Maker VX Ace – Light Novel Standard Music Vol.2 Game Key features:

    • Basic Sound Drive song

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      Double Four is the story of a rookie cop who gets killed on his first day, and proceeds to hell.
      The game follows two further attempts of his existence in the afterlife.
      It’s a free-to-play 2d point and click game with quite a bit of customization.

      Your purchase of the game supports the development of this game, and will not lead to you receiving any in-game products or digital store items.

      Standard Assets:
      3D Characters, 2D Gradients
      Standard Models
      In-game Voiceovers
      Game Design Documents

      License Agreement:
      Do You Accept the License Agreement? by selecting ‘Yes’ the purchase is completed and all the following game assets will be added to your account and available for use in your game:

      The license agreement terms are the same as for the base game.
      You may use the licensed content for free, as long as you include an ‘Expand Content’ license.
      If you wish to extract assets from the game without including the expansion, you can buy a ‘Key’ instead.
      The base game and the expansion are to be played together, and cannot be played separately.
      You can use the content for as long as the assets you have purchased last, or until you or the license holder informs us otherwise.
      If you lose the purchased assets, you must buy a replacement, or the content will become permanently unavailable to you.
      You are not allowed to sell the assets you have purchased, or to post them anywhere on the web.
      You may not use the content in any other title, even if it is similar to Double Four.
      You may not distribute the assets to other people without their permission.

      Full version supports all the current planed features and have all the DLC.
      How to play: Double Four plays from a third-person perspective as a rookie cop, who tries to get away from the afterlife after his death.
      You will need to fight the enemies with shots from your pistol, and change to a different weapon to defeat them.
      There are multiple ways to finish the game: You can continue fighting until you run out of bullets, you can keep shooting but you get slower or the enemy kills you.
      There are several other ways to move, such as the ability to fly, reflect bullets, and complete jumps.
      This game do not require any in-game currency, everything is free to play, but you can play it with “expansions” if you want


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      The base of the game is a strategic way of life. The main purpose of playing Kings0 is to show that by following good rules of management of a civilization, we can survive the best. Playing the game with them, you will develop your strategy and learn how to be sure that your civilization is winning against the others.At the beginning of the game, a large amount of population is chosen. The population is selected in a way that you should be able to build a lot of goods and be able to use a variety of cultural and technological advances, while in other cases the population level can be low. Population and city size can not be modified after the beginning of the game. You will be able to see exactly what they look like when you start playing. To start the game, it is necessary to have chosen your civilization and area in which you want to play.As soon as the game starts, you will be able to see your civilization on the top. At the bottom of the screen, you can see a picture of your cities and countryside. Your towns are marked in green, your castles and fortified cities are shown in red. At the bottom of the screen, you can see a bit of information about your country. It shows the name of your country, the type of government (kingship, republic), the military of your country and an estimate of the cost of the army of the state in your empire.You can click anywhere on the map to place your empire. You can see a list of the countries in the game that are near to your country. You can give battle to them, ask them for alliance or help them to gain a foothold. You can check the distance, that is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen, between your country and the country of any other civilization.Clicking on any province will take you directly to that province. When you click on a province, you will be able to see all cities and castles of that province, as well as the name of the governor and the owner of that province.You can’t click on a province twice for example. If you click on it, you will see it on the map. You can move all your units to that province, modify the military of your army or try a diplomatic solution by asking your neighboring countries for help or an alliance.On your own map you can see, which countries are your allies or enemies. You can see your exact relationship with each of your allies by clicking on their names and you can


      What’s new in Help Me Please:

      down, Part One: The Pitch

      As I walked to my podium, I heard the click of stilettos, the squeak of the journalists’ shoes, the muffled chanting of several voices: “Alexandra Marshall.” “Alex Marshall.” “Alex Marshall!” I felt like I was in a Buzz Lightyear commercial. A few years back, I would have kicked the woman sitting in front of me out of her chair. But, as the Chair said, I’m beyond getting caught up in the chair. Today, I am focused on the woman sitting in front of me, the only woman on the stage, who is, in my mind, my competition as the chair. In one fell swoop, I would be guaranteed the win in this battle, for at least the next week, if not for the next decade.

      As I walked into the room, I was engulfed in her glow of feminity. My mind was caught up in her beauty, her graspable femininity. She looked like she had done nothing more than throw on a pencil skirt, add 5-inch stilettos, and plop down on her couch watching a very competitive reality show. Flawless. She smelled better than a Swedish fish. Her hair was a little crazy, but her make-up was perfect, her nails were perfect, and her teeth were perfect, and she seemed content with the chaos and constant state of perfection. She was perfect.

      Sarah Sherman, who sat in front of me on the left, asked me a question, trying to garner a bit of information about whom she would interview that weekend. Perhaps he had a particular strength or personality she wanted to highlight. Regardless, I greeted her as though I knew her, and I made sure to shake her hand. “Nice to meet you,” I said as I leaned down, and I thought about pecking her cheek. Instead, I gave it a gentle kiss, and then said, “I’m sorry. Nice to meet you,” and again I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

      “Oh my God! That was good,” she said to Sarah, her hands on her face and her eyes squinting with disbelief, her mouth agape. “No,” I corrected her. “I meant it was nice to meet you too. You do a good job. She is so annoying,” I said to Sarah, and I laughed.

      Sarah smiled as I moved on to the next person in line.


      Download Help Me Please [Mac/Win]

      This is a full-blown, thought provoking mystery puzzle detective game. The school is located on grounds of an experimental biomedical research facility. The experiments were conducted in extreme conditions, up to the time they were shut down by the authorities.
      You are a young and inexperienced author with psychic or clairvoyant vision. You have to enter a story almost by chance, and find the answers to the events that happened in an abandoned building long ago.
      In this story you will visit its rooms and visit the places you are not allowed to go, where you will search for a solution in a cryptic maze. Find clues, link events and find answers. You will solve the puzzle – or you may be murdered.
      Find the truth and solve the puzzles.

      Game contains a bunch of roaming, audible, unlockable, interactive elements.


      The game uses WASD keys to move and J, K, L to switch between dialogues,

      Buy this game

      About This Game

      A well-known detective-psychic receives a diary of a girl who studied at a boarding school. She died in strange circumstances and school was closed in a hurry. The place quickly became notorious. Ominous sounds are often heard from there and carcasses of animals found in the vicinity. People talk about spirits and poltergeists and bypass the building.
      A letter was attached to the thick diary envelope asking him to save the soul of the granddaughter, possessed by a demon. The hero would have treated this letter as delirium of a crazy old woman, if not for a diary with evidence that the girl and her friends performed a mystical ritual. Intrigued by this story, the hero undertakes to investigate the mysterious events of the past.
      In search of truth, you as a practicing medium have to to explore the school to demystify what happed there. Use your mystical sight and enchanted artifacts to look into the other world for answers.
      Strange twists and turns will leave you uncertain
      Explore the depths of madness within abandoned school
      Put puzzles to solve a main riddle
      Explore the environment to uncover the details of the tragic past
      Uncover hiding details using your spiritual powers
      Search through the abandoned school and see the story and secrets unfold
      Hallucinating and delirious vision appers around
      Despite of the paranormal basis of surroundings – your and your decisions are real
      Each event affect further story and endings
      About This Game:
      This is a full-blown


      How To Install and Crack Help Me Please:

      • First of all you need to download this patch file from FREEPATCH file.
      • You will also need to download the full version of the game. You can download this from: INSTALLNANCY_DREW
      • Unzip Nancy Drew® to its directory.
      • Copy the Nancy folder to game disc.
      • Install Nancy game and there will be a warning message on screen “Nancy Drew® has detected another copy of Nancy Drew® on your computer.” Click “OK”.
      • Go to your game folder and right click on nancy.exe and choose “Run as adminstrator”.
      • Now you can click YES on the warning message from Nance Drew®. Your game will start.
      • If you press ESC you will be able to exit to main menu.


      System Requirements For Help Me Please:

      Operating System:
      OS: Windows 7 64-bit
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or AMD equivalent
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant graphics card with 128 MB VRAM and Shader Model 3.0
      DirectX: version 9.0
      Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
      Processor: Intel Core i7 4.0 GHz or AMD equivalent
      Memory: 4 GB RAM


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