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“If we had nothing to worry about, we wouldn’t need all this publicity,” the official said. “Besides, this doesn’t mean that Ukraine needs weapons.”

(AP Photo/Fyodor Tanichev)

Associated Press writers David McHugh, Ian Kelly and Maria Danilova in Moscow and Vladimir Soldatkin in Sevastopol contributed to this report.


9:45 a.m.

Anti-government protesters in Ukraine have scaled the fence surrounding the Crimean parliament and are moving toward the building’s main entrance.

Local police say they have detained at least 13 people and that five people have been injured.

Police say protesters captured an outer fence around the parliament and threw it into the building along with some furniture.

Dozens of police have since surrounded the building’s main entrance, but haven’t yet reached it.

Meanwhile, the local parliament is meeting to discuss the crisis.

That appeared to prompt the protesters to briefly halt their action.


9:20 a.m.

There are reports of trouble at Crimea’s parliament as anti-government protesters scaled the fence surrounding the building and moved toward its main entrance.

Anti-government protesters have taken control of one of the building’s outer fences, with some furniture inside the building thrown out.

Police say at least 13 people have been detained and that five have been injured.

Dozens of police officers now surround the parliament and the building’s


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