HACK Xpadder V5.7 (2010.11.17 Update Extras) ((TOP)) ➟

HACK Xpadder V5.7 (2010.11.17 Update Extras) ((TOP)) ➟


HACK Xpadder V5.7 (2010.11.17 Update Extras)

outside of navigating the apps and games, xpadder does a great job replicating the phone experience on the tablet. for those who want to cut down on the back button clicks, an onscreen keyboard is available, as well as a swipe keyboard. the same can be said for navigating the settings. clicking the gear icon on the upper left side of the screen will take you to the settings and settings tabs. it should be noted that a variety of settings can be adjusted depending on your needs. such as, making sure either the phone or tablet has voice commands enabled or disabled. the game mode allows you to turn your controller or bluetooth gamepads on or off as well as the ability to toggle motion controls and in-app purchases. the best of all is that you can turn on windows phone live tiles, a feature that allows users to have widgets displaying information and allow you to access the phone from your display. lastly, if youre working on a windows app, xpadder can also add shortcuts.

putting it all together, xpadder is a great experience. at a minimum, it requires a windows phone 8.1-compatible device and it lets users change the default apps installed. more importantly, it supports some of the current largest names in gaming, like playstation, xbox and nintendo.

p3liml’s isquestrewardpopupbutton determines if a reward popup is shown when a reward/quest is started, which is useful if you want to know whether or not youre going to get +lvl. so for example, if youre looking at a quest which will be of a higher reward than it should be, its possible that the quest title is too low for you to be able to see it, so isquestrewardpopupbutton will hide it until its actually awarded to you.

now, on to the rest. inside the box, microsoft still has the 5.7 update pre-bundled, as well as a 32gb microsd card for those who decide to store more games and save profiles on the card, some free game keys and what is now a games tab. finally, there is a large number of language packs for those who choose to use an international version of windows phone. as always, ms has made the entire experience of updating to windows phone 8.1 as painless as possible.
once again, you’ll need to be logged into your microsoft account in order to access this feature. click on the games tab, which takes you to the main home screen. as with any home screen, you can navigate apps and games by swiping left or right to access any open game or app. speaking of apps, if youre using this updated lumia handset, youll find new apps such as cupcake, groove and the marketplace. this includes some of the more popular windows phone apps such as music and ebook apps. a new, free app is also available, called “mynock” which will allow you to listen to radio stations and control your music as youre walking and will automatically shut off your music as you near your destination. lastly, sky drive is also available as is microsofts new features, onedrive. for those that would prefer to use a pc, you can either download xpadder from the developer section of the store or link to the windows phone store and install it from there. as for the touch portion, youll find a tab labeled “smart tips” if you tap the hourglass icon at the bottom of the app. inside, you’ll find screenshots on how to play certain games, as well as tips on where to find the various settings you have at your disposal.


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