Everest 2.01 Fr Keygen PORTABLE

Everest 2.01 Fr Keygen PORTABLE

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Everest 2.01 Fr Keygen

Next-Gen Everest has a more intuitive navigation system than previous-generation Everest. The latest Everest navigation system, which has a new, redesigned interface, helps you easily navigate through your favourite destinations, available apps and the latest content, such as news,weather and entertainment.

The most obvious exterior change on the Next-Gen Everest is the updated Ford SYNC systems exterior fascia10. Now the fascia has the latest trim grille and fog lights, extending full-width below the front fender. The new FordSYNC system has an integrated receiver that delivers the power and audio needed to operate the systems.

The new exterior fascia for the Next-Gen Everest also features a new digital rear-view mirror and reversing camera. The integrated reversing camera is now one of many extra features available with the optional reversing camera package. When activated, the integrated reversing camera system can also provide a view of any rearward objects behind the vehicle when reversing, and any moving rearward objects can alert the driver to possible collisions.

Interior features of the new Everest include a new 10.4-inch colour touch-screen display with navigation system, and a new instrument cluster. A new, larger and more intuitive touch-screen interface with functions specific to navigation, and advanced media streaming, including internet radio and apps, can be accessed by swiping or tapping the screen. The Next-Gen Everests new instrument cluster has been designed to improve visibility and ease of reading and includes convenient presets for your favourite radio station, speed, fuel and engine-rpm.

the impressive performance of the everest that we showed customers was equally impressive: the new engine uses direct fuel injection to maximize peak torque, with everests low-end torque available at just 1,500rpm. we showed them the everest at several points during the design process, and their feedback was consistent: they loved the exterior with the strong and rugged design, but they also thought it was sleek and modern, said max wolff, design director for china and international markets group. they said that the everest would give them the confidence to go off-road; they wouldnt have to second guess if it could go off-road whilst camping it looks like a proper 4wd.
“the climbing ability of the everest is unique,” said max wolff. “it can climb any rock that you put in front of it, and because of its high ground clearance, access to narrow or off-road routes, short tight turns or off-road is no problem for everest. we created a new, no-compromise suv concept.”
although suv is everests built-in theme, its exterior design and shape break with the formula. it has been bred for one purpose: to enjoy life, the way you want to. its exterior design is sharp and tough. its athleticism and off-road capability with its 4×4 performance are unique. its design is confident and powerful. its bright led headlights create a bold and confident silhouette. the new roofline offers more space at the back of the car, and the side profile is refined and bold. the new foldable rear spoiler creates a distinctive stance.
brand new everest is equipped with safety technologies, to help in the event of an accident, such as front assist that displays cross traffic alerts and actuates the car brakes by monitoring the road ahead and the proximity of objects. new everest also includes front assist, lane-departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and backward-collision warning. everest also includes a pedestrian detection system, front assist and adaptive cruise control.


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