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What is New: * Updated google authenticator! * Update the google mail import! * Added DNS check to improve the trasnaction (when fail to connect) * allow more countries to login now (7 countries are added) If you need more countries, or problems when login to this application, contact me via: * Fixed look of the image print system * Synced more settings in the logins and general tabs * Added new icons in the “logins and general tabs”
Version * added indian login currencies * added euros and danish currencies * added 6 more countries from login and dutch * added 4 more currencies: dollars, french, australian (za) and spanish * added custom type of passwords, and autodetect type of passwords, for more usability * added a button to show add account page (like when you click on the “+” button and a new window appear) * corrected case order in some languages * added “close” button for window when you tried to add account
> » How to Use: * First, you must turn the SD card in the file-managing mode with a plastic case, and insert into the tablet. * That’s it! Enjoy!
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Visual C++ 2010 Express compile time options: C++0x features?

I’m wondering what the options for compiling with C++0x in Visual C++ 2010 Express are?
The normal way is to right-click the project node in the Solution Explorer -> Properties -> C/C++-> General and turning on the language features.
Is there an option to just enable these features at compile time (not at project level)?


There are two ways you can add language features at compile time. One way is to use compiler switches, the other is to set the property at the project level.
I’m not aware of a switch for automatic addition of features at compile time, but you can manually add them from the Project->Property Pages dialog.


Is this linear system solvable?

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