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Download One Man Band 10 Full Version

The the OMB App is a genius piece of software which enables you to play the equivalent of 3 (or more) instruments at once. The machine is built from birch ply-wood and can play a full drum-set, a bass guitar and vibraphone at once. Notes are struck using falling marbles and modulated my Martins hand. Its like 22 Rube Goldburg machines working as one system!

a user asked me to share some info about the app. It really is an awesome one man band app. I’m hard at work on a mac version, and will be releasing that version soon. I plan to have an android version soon, and a windows version for those who don’t have apple products. I want to offer it on google play as well as the app store. There really is no comparison to the app when it comes to one man band apps. Every one else wants one. I cant believe there are not more apps like this out there. This really is one of the most unique and original apps I have ever seen. It is a must have app for anyone who plays a real instrument or wishes to get a bands back line and wish they had a guitar player. Take it for a test drive. You will be surprised. I will also be adding a video showcase to show you how to use it.

Fazc and myself have just finished the first “One Man Band” for the Mac. I had a Mac over the weekend and was looking for a “One Man Band” that I could use on it and the app came up. It’s pretty cool and its like 22 Rube Goldburg machines working as one system. I will be giving you a complete working demo of it in the next few days. You might want to download it now before it gets taken down 🙂

By the way there is a test version and an upcoming a publicly launch, so hopefully it will be there by the time you read this! So it has been a while since we’ve posted our web blog. Since the world went crazy and crazy about the coronavirus lockdown, all music releases have been put on hold. This means that we have not been doing much in the past month..

swizz has always been an excellent rapper, but one man band puts all his gifts to work in the service of a shrewdly-crafted, mature pop-rock songwriting. whereas his previous three albums– it’s me, bitches, you should be here, and breathe– were all markedly different from each other, the songs on one man band read like the work of a single, confident musician. there are no surprises on the album, but that’s hardly an insult. i admire any artist who can stand behind his lyrics without letting them color his music.
swizz’s speed-rap flows are as distinctive as ever, and the playful energy of the album is infectious. but the real strength of one man band is how it succeeds at being bigger than its parts. where swizz’s vocal delivery can be whiny, the songwriting on one man band is sincere and optimistic, even if it’s rarely profound. what’s great about swizz’s music is that it never pretends to be anything but himself.
swizz and his band give a lively performance, and the lyrics are infectious, but the results are messy. i’m still not convinced that one man band is anything more than a pleasing bit of work. yet the album’s strengths are enough to make it one of my top albums of the year.
for fans of it’s me, bitches, one man band is a comfortable return to form, a much-needed bromance with a ton of personality. the album is a lot more playful than the first two swizz albums, but it’s no less confident or ambitious. by the time one man band ends, swizz has proved that his narrative songwriting skills have been applied to a more mainstream sound. whether the album will be embraced by mainstream pop music fans is another question entirely.

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