The proposed Spiritual Development Center Building and Spiritual Garden includes the following:

        i)  Main hall enshrined with 888 Buddha surrounding it for Meditation

         ii) Green House Project  for accommodation for Meditation practitioners during the retreat

        iii) Library hall for Mindfulness Researchers

        iv)   Create open air Zen meditation Garden.

The cost of the project is estimated to be USD $200,000.  To raise funds for this worthy cause, we seek your kind support and generous donation. A brochure of the Sponsorship Scheme is attached for your reference to consider and participate in this meritorious deed by:

  1. sponsoring a Buddha statue of the 888 Buddha Images enshrine in Meditation hall; and
  2. other general donation options.

Sponsorship of Buddha statue for Meditation hall:                                 

  1. Big Buddha image – USD500(88 Sets) only
  2. Small Buddha image – USD250 (800 Sets) only

All sponsorship are Eternal.                                                     

With your kind support we hope to provide more Dhamma activities and services to you and the larger community in common, to enlighten one’s way to achieve happiness and peace forever.

Best Wishes to you from the Blessing of the Triple Gem. 

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Bodhi Spiritual Garden

Development committee 

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