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Deep Freeze Standard V Serial

when workstations are powered on for the first time, they must synchronize the deep freeze configuration database. this is a standard windows procedure. if a synchronization procedure fails, rebooting the workstation and starting the synchronization process again will resolve the problem.

multi-site administrators manage multiple sites from a single console. you can view and manage your multiple sites from a single console. youll have all of the deep freeze server settings for the locations you designate.

data access restricted (dar) is a setting in faronics deep freeze standard. when you turn off this setting, you will have no access to the deep freeze server configuration database unless you upgrade to the enterprise console.

dismantle the freezer, and thoroughly remove all ice and snow from the door and hardware. if you cannot use a vacuum cleaner, use a broom with a cloth or a shop vac or high-pressure sprayer to clean the exterior of the freezer door. then wipe the outer door frame with a wet cloth. (do not use abrasive cleaners or scrape away rust.)

observe the freezer by looking inside the freezer. if the freeze is good, the contents of the freezer will be frozen; if there is large air space within the freezer, the contents of the freezer could thaw and freeze and solidify again. this will cause frost build up in the ice box area. if the box is frozen, carefully move the ice box out of the freezer.

remove all flammable substances and objects that could spark a fire in the freezer. if there are frozen objects in the frozen food section, you may want to defrost the areas where those objects have touched the freezer shelf and side walls.

at faronics, we believe that if youre willing to invest in the best security, youll take home the best security value! as such, we provide product configurations such as multiple locations, databases, and icmp settings. this enables you to protect the workstations you power on each day while providing a much less complicated configuration than that of a one-size-fits-all preset.
if you set up a portable version, use our enterprise console to launch workstations and manage them from the same view, no matter where you are. the enterprise console lets you install, configure and manage workstations from any computer with a network connection.
our faronics ultimate product may look the same as the standard, but its feature set is significantly enhanced. it includes every feature of the standard product, plus faronics multi-site administrator (msaa) tool, which allows you to manage multiple sites from a single console.
on-site personnel install deep freeze with minimal troubleshooting. as always, faronics is as committed to customer satisfaction as any other hardware manufacturer. our customer service team will be more than happy to address any technical support needs you may have.
the faronics ultimate deep freeze standard console includes all of the features of the standard console, with additional administrator console management tools that let you view and manage the deep freeze console settings on remote workstations. with this remote administration tool, you can install, configure and control workstations from anywhere on your network.

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