Crack [PATCHED] Architerra 3 Archicad 14

Crack [PATCHED] Architerra 3 Archicad 14

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Crack Architerra 3 Archicad 14

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… Which means that the data returned by HttpConnector.GetConnectionInfo() is out of date…


Here you go:
namespace HttpConnector
public class HttpConnector : IConnectionInfoProvider
private readonly string[] _hostnames;
private readonly HttpClient _client;

public HttpConnector(IEnumerable hostnames)
_hostnames = hostnames.ToArray();
_client = new HttpClient();

public IConnectionInfo GetConnectionInfo()
return new ConnectionInfo
HostNames = _hostnames.Select(h => h.ToLowerInvariant()),
Port = 80,
Protocol = HttpProtocol.Http2,
UseSecure = false,
UserAgent = “”.ToLowerInvariant()

Now you can use it in your program by specifying the constructor parameter:
var factory = new ConnectionInfoProviderFactory(new HttpConnector(enumeration));

or you can use it without specifying anything:
var factory = new ConnectionInfoProviderFactory(HttpConnector.GetConnectionInfo());

And voila:
using ConnectionInfo = HttpConnector

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