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codeofcriminalprocedure1898inurdupdf23 rno6w8r2m2j9Cumulining Cumulining refers to the cumulative effect of aggregate damage caused by exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) from a motor. Cumulining is caused by dirty EGR gas recirculating back through the combustion chamber. The cause of cumulining is different for different cars and it is not a uniform effect. More EGR mix in the combustion chamber, the higher the EGR ratio, the greater the potential for cumulining. Cumulining on severely damaged engines with large amounts of EGR, causes permanent engine failure. Cumulining normally occurs just after an engine warm-up, causing increased misfire. It also occurs when ignition timing changes. The white smoke from the exhaust is a result of combustion knock. This is also a sign of a damaged engine. Nissan has never publicly defined exactly how much EGR mix is necessary to cause cumulining.
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