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About Me

The Purpose of visiting my blog, and reading its content is for you to know and appreciate me.. and also, to know about me and my work and what i plan to do. As i am a creative writer, a philosopher, and a poet. Read and Enjoy!..

[ Joking ] Alex Ong (Poo! Ooh, ai! Ae Oohh! ) [ Thinking ] Shall it be all quiet and still? [ Is this how we fall? ]

Strange voices

One of the people, who i like to call the Red person, used to visit my blog and used to read my poems at first. He told me that he has a theory that both mind and body have to be in harmony with the nature in order for us to stay. Whenever i got angry, he told me not to get angry and to share my thoughts and feelings with my dear ones.

Then, while i was preparing my pictures for this Year 2012, i got this song, “One of them days” by Michael buble. This song struck me as though it was given to me by my Red friend. The lyrics reminded me of his words and was my comfort. Hence the link.

It’s just a phase.

It’s just a phase.

So what, if you blow it?

So what, if you lose your cool?

And all this fog, you see

Is just some air, it can’t hold you.

It’s just a phase.

One of them days.

You’re playing on a playground.

You’re passing all the time.

But one of them days,

You’re gonna find it’s time to grow.

It’s just a phase.

This Blog

This is my blog, showing, what i think of life and man, what i think about my work and more importantly, my life.This disclosure relates generally to memory systems, and more specifically to a memory controller for a memory system.
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