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Weekly Programmes


Buddha Puja/ Meditation/ Dhamma Sharing/ Dana Offering
Every Sunday morning, BBS offers a programme for devotees to engage in meritorious deeds. Devotees bring food and other requisites to the center. At 11: 00 am, first portion of the food together with other items is offered to the Buddha. Led by resident monks, everybody chant in Pali and dedicate the above items to the Buddha. At the end of this offering, resident monks conduct a short meditation and a Dhamma sermon. Afterwards, all devotees serve lunch to monks. At the end, everybody shares their food and enjoys lunch together.


Buddha Puja, Bodhi Vandana & Bojjhanga Recitation
A special blessing service is conducted at BBS on every Monday evening. This service is special due to the honoring of Bodhi tree and recitation of Bojjhanga sutras. The service starts at 7: 30 pm will last until about 9: 30 pm. Devotees make new wishes and resolutions when they honor the Bodhi tree. During the recitation of Bojjhanga sutras, blessings are invoked for good health of members and their relatives.


Buddha Puja/ Pali Chanting/ Meditation/ Chinese Mahayana Chanting
Offerings are made to the Buddha on every Wednesday evening at 7:15 pm with Pali chanting. Following it, the loving-kindness meditation and the meditation on breathing are conducted. At 8:00 pm Mahayana chanting on 88 Buddhas is performed to purify our minds, bodies and speeches.
Full Moon Days and New Moon Days:
Pali Chanting & Chinese Mahayana Chanting
In accordance with ancient Buddhist tradition, BBS encourages members to spend full moon days and new moon days in a religious way. In the evening, members chant Ratana Sutta, Mangala Sutta, or Metta Sutta in Pali and then the sutra on 88 Buddhas in Chinese.

Annual Ceremonies


Vesak festival is one of the main annual events of BBS. To commemorate the birth, enlightenment and Mahā parinirvana of the Buddha, BBS offers one week programme which include chanting of Mahayana sutra on 88 Buddhas, chanting for world peace, meditation and honoring the Bodhi tree. On the Vesak day, offering of milk rice to the Buddha and offering of Pindapata to monks are performed. The ceremony of honoring 28 Buddhas and bathing of prince Siddhartha are unique items in the Vesak ceremony. Bhante Sobhita comes to Singapore to grace this ceremony every year.

Seventh Month Festival

The 7th lunar month of Chinese calendar is the period in which we remember and transfer merit to our departed relatives. Following Chinese Ullambana festival (Yu Lan Pen), BBS conducts two weeks long chanting of Tirokudda sutta and Di Zhang Jing sutra while displaying tablets with names of the departed relatives on a specially erected platform. At the end of chanting sessions, a ceremony of transference of merit is conducted by Bhante Sobhita. All members and friends show their gratitude to their departed relatives in a meaningful way.

Kathina Ceremony

Every year, resident monks observe the Rainy Retreat (Vassaana) at the premises of BBS on the day after July full moon day. At the end of the three months long Rainy Retreat, devotees show their gratitude by offering robes to monks. BBS organizes Katina ceremony in October or November in every year and provides opportunity for devotees to offer robes to monks in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Year End Whole Night Chanting

On 31st of December of every year, BBS organizes a whole night chanting to bless all. Monks from Sri Lanka are invited to take part in this night long chanting. Devotees spent whole night at the temple while listening and meditating on chanting. At the conclusion of this ceremony, blessed water and blessed bracelets to all devotees invoking them blessings for the New Year.

Chinese New Year Celebration

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, BBS offers a series of programme to help devotees to welcome the New Year with positive thoughts and wholesome aspirations. In the New Year eve, Bhante Sobhita conducts a special Puja and a blessing service wishing good health and prosperity for all members and friends. On New Year day, resident monks make themselves available for devotees to receive blessings. BBS also organizes a visit to an old folk’s home and make donations and share loving-kindness with old aged people.


Birthday Blessings for Members

BBS allows members to celebrate their birth days in a very meaningful way. Members come to the center on their birthdays and light a special candle for the Buddha inviting light to their lives together with a specially arranged flower-plate. On this day, members reflect on the journey of their lives and make new resolutions. Monks give advice for righteous living and blessings for health life.

House Blessings

Resident monks of BBS provide blessing services to clean the space of houses and other properties. When devotees move to a new house or start a business in a new premise, monks come and chant extending auspiciousness. When houses are disturbed by spirits, monks conduct blessing services to clean the environment.

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