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What is AutoCAD?

Autodesk AutoCAD is a comprehensive Computer-Aided Design (CAD) application used to design 2D and 3D mechanical and electrical components as well as architectural, landscaping, and site-specific projects.

What are the main features of AutoCAD?


Key Features

* Provides full model-based drafting (MDD) capability that enables users to import, view, rotate, move, and annotate drawings and models.

* Includes tools for sheet metal and piping, creating complex assemblies in a model.

* Allows users to enter and manipulate parts, assemblies, and construction documents directly into the model

* Allows users to create and edit geometric features (extrusions, splines, vertices, and arcs), as well as use live links to objects and dimensions.

* The topology and connectivity tools support the drawing of surfaces and solids

* The layout tools enable users to create a sheet of paper and manipulate elements on that surface

* Tools for managing and merging (merging objects from one model into another) parts and assemblies

* Import and export tools facilitate moving drawings and assemblies among other programs

* Includes the ability to automatically send drawings to a server or other network location

* Functions include cut/paste, reverse editing, duplication, and polygon decomposition

* Tools for measuring and tracking work

* Allows users to create and manipulate text

* Supports functions including sheet metal, assembly drawing, and piping

* Provides the ability to draw a profile of an object from one corner to another, automatically generating edge shapes

* Tools for importing and exporting drawings

* The ability to layer one drawing on top of another drawing

* Provides real-time collaboration and comments

* Allows users to type in a value

* Ability to take a screen capture, print screen, or copy to clipboard

* Provides the ability to create and use templates

* Provides the ability to use continuous lines

* Provides the ability to add 3D features to a drawing, including walls, blocks, and roofs

* Provides tools for texturing and applying textures to 3D objects

* The ability to change the colors of specific parts of a drawing

* Allows users to lock, hide, and lock groups of objects

* The ability to measure or dimension along an arc or curve

* Ability

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Applications that use AutoCAD Full Crack
AutoCAD Layout or AutoLISP – for texturing 3D surfaces in the form of rooms, exterior walls and roofs.
AutoCAD Spatial and NetCAD – these are bundled with AutoCAD. AutoCAD Spatial is 3D modeling and AutoCAD NetCAD is a GIS application.
CAD Doc: An AutoCAD scripting plugin for Win32 and OS/X.
AutoCAD Architecture – architectural drafting software for the design of buildings.
AutoCAD Electrical – a drafting software package for electrical and mechanical engineering, that uses many of AutoCAD’s drawing features.
AutoCAD Land Survey – allows the designer to design land survey, development, and construction projects, with more than 100 mapping tools.
AutoCAD Mechanical – design software for mechanical engineers.
AutoCAD Projects – this is AutoCAD’s project management package. The software allows the user to manage multiple projects and streams simultaneously. It also allows the user to collaborate with other CAD users, particularly in a team environment.
AutoCAD360 – works with AutoCAD and allows the user to work with other packages while using the features of AutoCAD 360.
AutoCAD Wood – woodworking CAD tool for small woodworking projects.
MidasCAD – multi-platform CAD software.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatically find correlated features and points, such as corners, centers, and perimeters, for more efficient placement, and more intelligent operations.

Gantt Chart integration:

Use the built-in Gantt Chart to visually link when you release features and changes, and receive updates for your drawings.

Vector User interface (VUI):

Developed to help users work more efficiently, the VUI is the same as the new WYSIWYG GUI, but it uses true vector objects, which provide accurate scaling and rendering.

The vector user interface can be customized to create a personal design experience that suits your work and skills.

Support for the Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Server:

Automatically update your project details and Gantt Chart when you check in changes to the SharePoint Workflow server.

Simple Filters:

Build more robust filter queries. Filter lines, areas, text, point or dimension styles, contours and annotations.

Faster tool compliance:

Watch videos about the new compliance feature and speed up your work.

Enhanced performance:

AutoCAD 2023 is 50% faster than AutoCAD 2019.

The Basics

See what’s new in AutoCAD 2023 in our video.

Getting started

Learn about the new AutoCAD toolbars, menus, and options.

Dynamic Input

New dynamic input parameters speed up editing and make it easier to create drawings.


Use filters to further refine your drawing.

Review Changes

Review your changes instantly and gain important feedback.

Gantt Chart

See where you’re headed and anticipate delays.

Support for Microsoft SharePoint Workflow

Continuous synchronization with the SharePoint Workflow server.

Extended Features

What’s new in the Extension Library


Legacy Drawing Tools Support

Support for dynamic input such as import from PDF.

The Basics

See what’s new in AutoCAD extension library 2019 in our video.

Get started

Learn about the new extension options, toolbars, and menus.

Drawing Extensibility

Work faster and improve your work with new drawing extensions, including Face Management, Dynamic Input, and more.

Composite Tools

System Requirements:

Minimum RAM: 8GB
Recommended RAM: 16GB
Recommended RAM: 24GB
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