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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2013 and has been completely revised and updated in January 2020.

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. Its original name, AutoCAD, came from the idea that once the design was complete, a person just needs to key the mouse to “cut and paste” the shape.

AutoCAD allows users to create geometric shapes, such as lines, circles, ellipses, arcs, squares, and polygons, as well as annotate them with text, lines, and points. These shapes can be combined into complex objects, which can then be combined to form an overall design.

The software also enables the user to connect shapes in a variety of ways, including via common geometric points, shared or intersecting axes, or common midpoints.

AutoCAD can also be used to create custom drawings of electrical circuits, furniture, and mechanical components.

What Is Not AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is not a PCB or 3D printing software application, nor is it a job-shop CAD application. Its primary purpose is to design complex geometric shapes for engineering, architectural, and manufacturing firms, but it is not intended for the production of single- or double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs) or 3D prints.

AutoCAD is not a CNC router software application and does not involve CNC milling, turning, or grinding.

What Do I Need to Run AutoCAD?

To run AutoCAD, you will need an operating system that supports 3D graphics, and a processor with 64 MB of RAM or higher. You will also need a 3D graphics card that supports OpenGL and DirectX.

On Windows 7, you will need at least 8 GB of RAM; on Windows 8.1, it will require at least 10 GB.

The operating system and the processor must be able to support the required 3D graphics features and OpenGL. If you are not sure of the capabilities of your system or graphics card, download the demo version of AutoCAD and explore it.

Do I Need a Microsoft Account?

If you plan to use Microsoft account for authentication, you must have a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can create one free of charge at

AutoCAD Free Download

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Symfony 3.4 FOSUserBundle bundle generator – do not duplicate the fos_userbundle, enable instead

I’m using Symfony 3.4.2 (the lastest at the time of this writing) with FOSUserBundle (the lastest) and “de facto” I’m already using the bundle generator.
But when I run the bundle generator I get this:
bundle create command:

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** [ErrorException] Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘load(‘FOS\UserBundle\Composer\ScriptHandler’,
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symfony/framework-bundle symfony.

** [ErrorException] Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist, a feature in AutoCAD 2020, helps you import, edit and edit documents without opening the file. With markup assist, you can see changes automatically in your drawings.

Rapid insertion of 3D views, floor plans, and sections into your 2D drawings with the new Quick Subdivide tool. (video: 1:22 min.)

2D drawing conversion to 3D, new 2D surface rendering, and the new 3D BOM Editor help you work with 3D objects as 2D designs.

Version control:

A new version control system keeps track of every change you make. You can go back to any version of a drawing and see what changes were made. You can even compare changes in different versions. (video: 1:35 min.)

Automatic version changes after a move, undo/redo, or Undo Command:

Use the new Undo Command to quickly change the current drawing version.

You can select a specific revision with the Get command (Ctrl-Alt-F9).

Undo to the revision you want to use and apply changes:

Use the Undo command to revert to the previous drawing revision.

You can also compare the revisions.

Design exploration and alignment:

Work with collections of alignment objects.

Design exploration lets you explore the objects in your drawings using colors, shapes, filters, and other features, such as snap to objects and 3D elevations.

Simplify complex alignments with the new Cross Align command. (video: 1:07 min.)

Optimize 2D drawings with layers, groups, and direct editing.

You can now customize the interface to your preferences.

When you switch between views, the layer list auto-sizes to fill the window.

You can now switch to a specific view in multiple layers without changing the active layer.

You can add and switch between layers and views at the same time.

You can drag layers into a view and move them to any layer.

Make the most of your time and space with improved scaling, rotation, and mapping.

Use the new Snap to Grid and Snap to Object options to align objects to 3D grids and objects.

Work with 3D objects easily with the new 3D tools.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

The Mobile Server platform, powered by Unity, handles network connection and data transfer of all clients connected to it.
The server delivers content on a LAN or via a network to all clients. Your current configuration must be capable of supporting mobile MMO games that are more demanding than “small” or “normal” MOBA games. An average computer with at least 3 GB RAM and a 1 GHz processor is recommended. The server should be installed in a location that is not subject to environmental changes.
Due to the server’s relatively high price, it should

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