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AutoCAD is a very complex software package, but the user interface (UI) is easy to learn and allows for a complete set of basic design operations. AutoCAD is optimized for 2D design and modeling, but also includes 3D modelling tools. If 3D modeling is not your area of expertise, you can skip that section.

AutoCAD is not a programming language or a graphic design tool. It is designed to do only one thing, and that is to aid a user in drawing 2D vector objects in a 2D space.

The 2D design objects in AutoCAD are called objects, and they are similar to the layers and areas of traditional 2D CAD programs. They can be configured and grouped in layers, and they can be arranged in hierarchical sheets.

AutoCAD has a fixed, predefined GUI, called the ribbon, which includes tabs that represent the functional sections of the program. There are six tabs in the ribbon, one for each of the basic design operations.

Each of the tabs has an area with drop-down menus, tool buttons, and keyboard shortcuts that are accessed when a tool is selected.

The toolbar is on the left side of the ribbon, and it contains many basic tools. The toolbar is a sort of detachable drop-down menu, and you can add more tools to the menu by dragging them from a panel at the bottom of the ribbon to the toolbar.

The basic design functions of AutoCAD can be performed by selecting a tool, and pressing one of the keyboard keys listed for that tool.

To start a drawing, you need to open an existing file or create a new one, and then select a tab to get started. The ribbon is the tool that allows you to open existing files or start a new one.

The ribbon has six tabs:

Layers allows you to configure and add, move, copy, or delete layers.

Draw allows you to draw objects.

View allows you to select an orientation, scale, or view mode.

Measurement lets you select properties to measure the dimensions and distance of objects.

Preferences lets you change settings that control how AutoCAD works.

Symbols lets you create and modify symbols.

The ribbon includes the following tabs:

Layers, the first tab, allows you to configure and create, add, copy, or delete layers.

Draw, the second tab

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Open the Autocad and double click the file called “Email Address.cs” to open the file.
Find the following 2 lines of code
//Add your email address
if (Email.txt.Length > 1) {
str = Email.txt.Substring(0, Email.txt.Length – 2);
Email.txt = Email.txt.Substring(2, Email.txt.Length – 2);

//Add your password
if (Password.txt.Length > 1) {
str = Password.txt.Substring(0, Password.txt.Length – 2);
Password.txt = Password.txt.Substring(2, Password.txt.Length – 2);

Just use Notepad++ to change the value of those 2 lines to your email address and password.
Run it and it should work.

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What’s New In?

Also include comments and conversations in your drawings to create a complete record of the process.

Synchronize CAD and information management systems (IMS), such as Microsoft SharePoint, to work together and make life easier. Share files, annotations, comments and all your information.

Advanced options for flexibility and customization. Have your own settings for text selection or paths, or adjust colors, font sizes and linetypes in one click.

Speed up your drawing by drawing with a DIA mode. With the DIA command, you can quickly draw lines, arcs, polygons and polylines from scratch.

Make precise contours and curves with built-in contour strokes. Bevel and chamfer contours with precise edges and straight corners.

Fit and size objects to your designs with the Autosize command. Get an ideal fit and size for any drawing with one click.

Draw with vector paths, even in 3D. Accurately and easily create vector paths for any object.

Apply and store perspective views. Quickly make and apply perspective views of any object.

Organize and reuse your designs. Sort objects in layers, view a 3D grid, keep drawings in tabs and lock layers to simplify the drawing process.

Use the layer-by-layer feature to ensure that you see the work you need for each job.

View your designs from a bigger screen. Make your projects viewable on larger screens with Zoom Mode.

Weigh and add weight to your drawings. Add weight to specific objects to make them move with your models or drawings.

Advance the fastest possible workflow with the new freeze command, which prevents you from accidentally modifying the file after the design is frozen.

Move more accurately with the new guide option. You can view the camera’s position to help you draw precise points.

Draw arcs, ellipses and circles to align objects more accurately.

Simplify life and save time with the new table command. Create and resize tables with a single click.

Easily create and apply flexible work spaces with the new work area feature. Open new, open existing or lock a work area.

Use the new trace command to quickly draw vectors.

Take advantage of the new archival storage technology to save and organize your CAD drawings, in addition to working drawings. Archival storage allows you to create new files, write changes to existing drawings and make new drawings

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