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AutoCAD is a commercial design application that facilitates 2D and 3D drafting and drawing. AutoCAD is integrated with other components of the design process, including the Autodesk suite of software and the 3D graphics application AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD has been adopted as the standard CAD software for architectural design by many professional architects. It is used by engineers, drafters, and architects to create 2D and 3D drawings.

Table of Contents:

AutoCAD is a professional design and drafting application. It is developed by Autodesk.

AutoCAD uses DWG, DWF, DXF, and IGES file formats to store the design of drawings. The file format is one of the most common for CAD files.

AutoCAD can edit, create, and edit drawings that contain imported images. AutoCAD 2017 provides the Inkscape and Illustrator extensions, allowing you to import and use these types of file formats.

AutoCAD features advanced technical drawing tools, such as dimensioning and text. It also includes features to create and edit structural 3D models.

AutoCAD is a powerful and robust tool that is widely used by professional architects and engineers.

If you plan on using AutoCAD, you will need to purchase it. The price varies depending on how many seats you need and whether you use the desktop, web, or mobile application. The current retail price for AutoCAD 2019 is $1099.


AutoCAD was created and developed by Autodesk. After being purchased by Corel, the developer of the PageMill design application, in 2009, Autodesk developed new versions of AutoCAD, including the industry-standard AutoCAD LT.

The designer of AutoCAD is Dessau, Germany. The development team is located in California.

Who Is It For?

The main audience for AutoCAD is commercial architects and engineers who create architectural and engineering designs. For example, architects and engineers who design hospitals, schools, and homes use AutoCAD. Architects and engineers who create traffic signals use AutoCAD.

Software Features

This section provides a more detailed look at the key features of AutoCAD.

Why Choose AutoCAD?

Here are the main reasons why AutoCAD is popular among designers:

It is used by architects and

AutoCAD Crack+ [Win/Mac]

The integration of AutoCAD and Microsoft Visual Studio, a programming environment similar to Microsoft Visual Basic, was implemented in Visual LISP as the Visual LISP assembly.

When Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 was released, there was also a Visual Studio extension, Visual LISP for Visual Studio 2005, which has been extended as Visual LISP for Visual Studio 2015 (VS2015).

Visual LISP for Visual Studio 2015 is available as a Visual Studio Extension and as Visual LISP for Visual Studio Community Edition.

Visual LISP for Visual Studio Community Edition is freely available as a CodePlex project.

Visual LISP extension for Visual Studio 2015 includes:
Create new AutoCAD drawing;
Import/export drawings between AutoCAD and Visual Studio;
Set up project files;
Set up customization of Visual Studio environment;
Use AutoCAD’s DXF file formats for creating drawings, saving, and loading drawings.

Visual LISP for Visual Studio Community Edition is freely available as a CodePlex project.

Visual LISP for Visual Studio Community Edition includes:
Set up project files;
Set up customization of Visual Studio environment;
Use AutoCAD’s DXF file formats for creating drawings, saving, and loading drawings.

Technical information
AutoLISP and Visual LISP are implemented in an AutoLISP interpreter which is a small program that reads the AutoLISP source code and interprets it. This interpreter is part of the AutoCAD suite, not in the Visual LISP component.

Visual LISP has its own interpreter which is a large program. Its implementation is the same as the AutoLISP interpreter. The Visual LISP interpreter needs over 500 MB of RAM, and is not recommended for user systems, but is available for Windows for academic purposes and testing. The visual LISP interpreter is not part of the AutoCAD suite.


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AutoCAD 2009 DXF File Format

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What’s New In?

Using Markup Assist, make a change in AutoCAD and immediately see your markup appear on the AutoCAD workplane.

Markup Assist also enables you to use the markup tool for a variety of other tasks, such as dividing up a sheet of paper into pieces, measuring a width or length, highlighting areas to indicate changes, or adding a label.

The old graphic tablet solution is gone:

With AutoCAD 2023, the simple workplane in the graphic tablet was replaced by a new marker-based workplane. This means that marking on the workplane works differently than in previous releases. With the marker-based workplane, you can change the placement of the mark in the workplane with a click or press.

Creating primitives from a PDF document or a shape file is easier and faster with AutoCAD 2023:

With AutoCAD 2023, you can easily open and display a PDF, shape file, or other document as a drawing. This feature is useful when you want to add existing data into a drawing. AutoCAD 2023 includes tools to help you convert the data, then import it into a drawing.

The Export feature in the Home ribbon menu has been enhanced, and the Exporter now supports:

Moves support for drawing pages

Support for fitting a page to a drawing or a predefined aspect ratio

Support for applying axis guides to each page

Support for specifying a page number or a template name when exporting files

An option for setting the alignment of the page breaks with the axes

In addition, if you are using a graphics tablet, you can configure the Export function to automatically set the paper orientation to match the pen.

You can now customize the options that appear in the Export tab of the ribbon:

New spline options:

New color options:

The default point type has been changed from “Unnamed” to “Spline.”

Spline lines can be drawn as smooth or as miter.

The width of spline lines can be specified to an absolute value, such as 5” or 3”.

AutoCAD 2023 includes the “Draw Spline” command on the ribbon; this is a convenient way to create and edit spline lines.

Axis location options have been added to the command, including a choice to move the axis to an edge of the page.

Point color

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