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The Autodesk product family ranges from AutoCAD to AutoCAD LT, which is aimed at schools and students, to AutoCAD LT 2018, which is the current full-featured release, as well as other products, including AutoCAD 360, which is a cloud-based platform that combines CAD and business tools with cloud computing services; Autodesk Fusion 360, which is a product combining different software products; AutoCAD 360 Architecture, which is a multi-disciplinary software for architecture; Autodesk Revit, which is a 3D CAD/CAM/CAE product; and Autodesk Inventor, which is a BIM/CAD product.

One of the most popular desktop apps, AutoCAD has grown into a suite of products and a platform, and Autodesk wants to keep up with the time and keep users coming back for more. Autodesk’s recent announcement of the company’s 2016 financial performance indicates that the company is doing a good job in meeting customers’ needs, and in 2018 Autodesk expects that the company will continue to grow its CAD business.


AutoCAD is a proprietary software application which is licensed by users or companies. The software is sold with support contracts, and the purchase of a license entitles the license holder to the support that Autodesk provides through its support channels. The company’s relationship with customers begins when an Autodesk sales representative contacts a potential customer to discuss their project, or when a customer contacts Autodesk by phone or email and asks for an estimate of how long it would take to complete the project, or the estimated cost to complete the project. After this initial contact, the sales representative will suggest that the customer purchase an AutoCAD license, or at least review an AutoCAD demonstration or evaluation. The software is licensed for a yearly subscription fee or a perpetual license fee. Autodesk provides a free trial period for certain products.

Demo units are sent to customers as soon as they are ready. AutoCAD is often shipped on CDs, DVDs, or Flash drives, rather than being sent on a hard disk, which limits the number of people that can use the software at one time. AutoCAD is licensed per-user, and companies use the software to design and document their buildings. Some companies and universities license the software for use on specific computers, and some companies license the software for use on specific hardware

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Category:3D graphics software
Category:Computer-aided design software for Windows
Category:Computer-aided design software
Category:Computer-aided design software for LinuxMichigan Celebrates 70 Years of the Great Migration

While driving north on the Blue Water Bridge today, I looked across to the Detroit side and saw a familiar skyline. I’d crossed this bridge many times before as a child visiting friends in Grosse Pointe Park and as a teen during the summer of 1983 when I worked in Detroit during the summer. Looking across the river, I saw the skyline of Detroit and it took me back to my childhood in Grosse Pointe. It’s hard to believe that I spent so many hours of my childhood here, in the old Detroit neighborhood of Grosse Pointe Park.

The last time I visited the Detroit neighborhood was on August 15, 2013 when it was flooded by the deadly August 25, 2013, storm surge. The river was roaring. People were wading through waist-deep water with their belongings in tow. I remember that it was a very sad scene. Not only did many of the homes flood, but also many of the businesses along Michigan Avenue and Gratiot Avenue were damaged, including the local car dealership. I have many vivid memories of walking down Michigan Avenue between 2:30pm and 5:00pm as a teenager, just a few minutes before the lock and dams were raised to keep the waters from surging into the city. That time felt like a lifetime.

I think about the Great Migration every time I drive over the Bridge. The Great Migration, or the Great Migration of Black people from the South to the North, happened between 1915 and 1930. The Great Migration was an attempt by millions of Black people to escape the Jim Crow Laws and racist discrimination in the South. Even after the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, many Black people were still barred from some jobs and public facilities. Many people moved north to places like Detroit, Michigan, or up north to the suburbs of Chicago.

As I drive through Grosse Pointe Park, I think about the fact that Detroit is one of the most racially segregated cities in the country, with virtually no presence of Black people there. Grosse Pointe Park, with a Black population of less than 4%, is one of the whitest communities in the country. It

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Open Autodesk Autocad 2013
Open the project file (.dwg) which you have exported to the desktop.

Click on Open File

You will be presented with the open file dialog

Select the project file (.dwg)
Click on Open

This will open the project.

You should now have the capability to save your changes and exit.

If you are not familiar with the terminology the following link is a good place to start.

If you need to make changes to the DWG File you will need to open it in the DWG Viewer.

Make sure your DWG file is in a format that the viewer can open.


How to set custom font size for TextInput in Flutter

Is it possible to set custom font size for TextInput field in Flutter?
By default, Flutter uses Roboto font and has 30px font size. However, I need to make TextInput field much bigger, something like 40px font size.
This is what I got:

This is what I want:


As of this post in Flutter’s GitHub there is no way to do this for an existing TextInput.
A workaround is to use another widget:

use another widget like FlatButton. You can place a TextInput above the button to make it look like the text input is a part of the button
customize the TextInput’s theme and customize its child’s theme
you can also use an IconButton that already takes a font size of 40px

The best way to do this is to implement your own

What’s New in the?

Drawing Markup Assist enhances the ease with which you can work with paper, sketches, and hand-drawn designs.

With drawing markups, you can easily copy-paste and draw on existing sheets or sketches, or create multiple sheets of revisions to keep your designs fresh.

When you create a new drawing, and then want to make changes to the existing drawing, without starting a new drawing, drawing markups can be helpful.

Drawing markups make it easy to see your progress and refine your design over time.

When working with CAD data, you can use markup-based drawings to work collaboratively, and then export the updated drawing to the cloud to make it accessible to colleagues, clients, and colleagues. (video: 1:22 min.)

You can also work collaboratively with colleagues by sharing a drawing file. If you’ve been working in a team environment, or with clients, you can share models and drawings with others. (video: 2:26 min.)

Drawing Markup Assists are available in AutoCAD LT and for AutoCAD, as part of the CAD Association’s free cloud-based Collaborative Design Cloud 1.5.

Geometry and Raster Graphics:

Transform objects on a layer to easily snap to specific edges, curves, and points. The newly-available Snap to Edge feature saves you the time of manually choosing the edge that you want to use for snapping.

With Snap to Point and Snap to Curve, you can now work with raster graphics more intuitively and easily.

You can draw on images, and then easily select lines or areas of the image to add those lines or areas to your design.

With the introduction of the contextual tool bar in AutoCAD 2023, you can easily access powerful drawing commands that allow you to work more quickly and efficiently. The new commands make it easy to zoom, rotate, pan, and place objects.

Raster Graphics:

The latest Raster Graphics technology is now available in AutoCAD. You can work with raster graphics like a vector graphics program by adding masks, highlights, and other raster enhancements.

Add objects to your drawings interactively and intuitively. You can now also draw, change the color, and edit existing raster graphics directly within a drawing.

With the updated Zbrush tool, you can easily

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

There are many applications that aren’t listed on the list, in which case we might not have tested it.
Since it isn’t really my app, but a community project, I would appreciate if you ask me about any issues, add this page and submit any problems you might have.
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2.4.1 – 2019-04-30
2.4.2 – 2019-05-01
2.4.3 – 2019-05-05

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