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Biocide reducing growth of Legionella pneumophila on surfaces in drinking water distribution systems.
Legionellae are suspected of being causative agents of some community-acquired pneumonias. To prevent legionellosis in drinking water distribution networks, surfaces in cooling towers and hot water distribution systems were treated with hydrogen peroxide (HP) and bromide. HP is a broad spectrum biocide used on drinking water distribution systems and the surface of cooling towers and hot water distribution systems, for which its efficacy has been proven over a decade. Ammonia bromide is a biocide with a selective action against Legionella pneumophila. Twenty-eight different pneumophila strains were incubated together with peroxide, bromide or ammonia bromide under defined conditions to study their growth. Biocide treated surfaces showed a much lower growth rate than untreated surfaces. Ammonia bromide had a much more pronounced effect than bromide. HP was not able to replace a concomitant biocide regime. In competition experiments with Legionella pneumophila, the HP concentrations being required for biocide performance were much lower than the usual HP concentrations used in drinking water. Biocide performance may also decrease when the surfaces are coated with native organic film. With HP concentrations being applied on surfaces, that have been cleaned with bleach, the cleaning effect may increase, making it more difficult for the bacteria to attach to a surface.namespace Trady.Core.Infrastructure
public static class CachedSettingsRegistry
/// Provides a global registry that enables use of by any member class.
public static class Global
public const string Name = “GlobalSettings”;

/// Thrown when is accessed before the constructor
/// of has been called.

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ArcSoft Portrait Plus [Patch MPT] [Photoshop Plugin].rarGonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is a decapeptide which plays a fundamental role in the control of reproduction. It is released from the hypothalamus and stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) from the pituitary. This stimulation is central for the onset of sexual maturation in the male and for the female reproductive cycle. A deficiency or an absence of GnRH results in hypogonadism and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in men, and amenorrhoea in women.
The GnRH analogue [D-Ser (But)6]-GnRH has a high bioavailability after subcutaneous administration and a long duration of action with linear pharmacokinetics. Following s.c. administration, [D-Ser(But)6]-GnRH has been shown to induce a pituitary LH-surge and ovarian follicular development. More specifically, s.c. [D-Ser(But)6]-GnRH has been shown to induce ovarian follicular development in normal men [see Koide et al., J. Reprod. Med., Vol. 42, p. 103 (1997) and Resler et al., Human Reproduction, Vol. 10, p. 1712 (1995)]. The importance of GnRH in men is further indicated by studies showing that administration of GnRH in combination with FSH to hypogonadal men results in spermatogenesis [see Sim et al., Human Reproduction, Vol. 10, p. 2403 (1995)] Subcutaneous or intranasal administration of GnRH agonists has also been shown to induce ovulation in women [see e.g. Gruber et al., Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 60, p. 42 (1993)].
In general, GnRH agonists are highly potent and elicit a prompt and uniform stimulation of the HP

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