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A cat has been reunited with its owner in Taiwan after a four-year separation, a local official said Friday.

The feline, which went missing in 2012, had survived in a mountain area of the island and was found by a woman about a kilometre from her home.

“After the animal came down to the ground and approached her, she picked it up and called her husband,” said the woman, surnamed Wu.

“The husband was delighted and took the cat to their home to celebrate,” Wu added.

Wu has been credited with keeping the cat alive for the past four years.

“The cat had become an important part of her life,” Wu told AFP.

Because of its unusual circumstances — it had lost its owner and survived in the wild for four years — the cat was named “Wildcat.”

And while Wu — whose husband died in 2015 — initially made no profit from the cat, it has since made up for this inconvenience by giving interviews to Taiwanese media outlets about her extraordinary life.

“I’m doing this for the benefit of Wildcat,” she told the Taiwan News.

Since then, “Wildcat” has even been documented in a children’s television show.

The furball was found by a woman in the mountains of northern Taiwan this week. –AFPGastrointestinal absorption of iodinated derivatives of human insulin in the rat.
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