“While we have witnessed dazzling achievements on a materialistic level in the twentieth century, we have unfortunately not been able to attain peace and happiness on a mental level. The human race is beast by growing number of problems which can only be solved by paying more attention to our spiritual development “

The aim of Bodhi Spiritual Garden is to create a beautiful environment to resolve one of social issue of spiritual growth and overcome stressful lifestyle. The essence of spiritual development is to believe in something beyond the material life aspect and to develop an awareness of realities beyond the confine of time and space. Meditation, part of spiritual growth and development, not just has physical health benefits but also increases our concentration and sharpens our mind. Spiritual growth is also categorised by a growing connection with nature and hence Meditation plays an important role in our spiritual growth and development.

Spirituality is part of one’s own self that helps us find meaning, connectedness and purpose of our life. Research shows that spirituality is related to better health outcomes. Spirituality seems to help people cope better with illness, suffering and death. Spirituality also influences our end-of-life decisions.

Our wish is to create a better place for those searching for spiritual development.  In line with Buddha teachings, our aim is to provide the necessary support to guide the community into the right path. We would like to invite you to support this project through your generous donation and contribute to the success of this worthy project.

After 16 years of working experience with international Buddhist community in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, China and many other parts of the world, Rev Gunasiri come out with this wonderful proposal of having a Spiritual Development Center & Spiritual Garden in Sri Lanka. With this concept of Spiritual Garden in mind and under the guidance of Ven Dr Omalpe Sobitha Maha Thero, one generous Donor in Kegalla, Sri Lanka , Mr Pujitha (Land Owner) has come forward to donate a 5 acres (217800 Square Foot) piece of land as the first and main donor for the project to create a beautiful environment for not only international community but also locals in Sri Lanka to resolve one of the social issue of spiritual growth and overcome stressful lifestyle.