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How to access the base class object inside a method override in derived class

I’m a junior developer learning Java and trying to optimize a method. Specifically, I have a method in a base class, Repository which is a Spring data repository. This method getEntities returns a list of some kind. Each instance is of a subclass of Repository.
class Parent{
public List getEntities(){
// some code

class ChildA extends Parent{
// some code

class ChildB extends Parent{
// some code

In ChildA and ChildB class, I want to override the base method getEntities, and in getEntities I want to pass the type of class that is being overridden. Now here is the problem. I can’t just make a method such as
private List getEntities(Class type){
// some code

because I don’t know what type is being overridden, only that it is a subclass of Repository.
I need something like this, but what code should go in the brackets?
private List getEntities(Class type){
List superClassList = type.getSuperclass().getEntities();
List subclassList = type.getInstanceList();

// and here I access the subclass, but how?
// and can I really do it with all these objects without null checks?


You can’t do that, the only way you can achieve that is to pass the Class as parameter of the method:
private List getEntities(Class type, List par) {
List superClassList = type.getSuperclass().getEntities();
List subclassList = type.getInstanceList();

// and here I access the subclass, but how?
// and can


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