Next Cattle Release program on 25th March 2019

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To cultivate Buddhist virtues of non-violence and compassion towards all beings, a cattle saving programme was started and it has been continued well with the support of many local and international philanthropists. Bodhiraja Buddhist Society is the main donor for this programme. More than 8500 cattle have been rescued so far giving their lives back to these innocent animals

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Photos from last Month>>> 17 . 03 . 2018


The cattle destined to be killed at slaughterhouse are bought and then are given freely for those who love and raise animals. The foundation has made some rules preventing reselling cattle to slaughterhouse. A system is arranged to monitor the protection of the animals. The new owners are getting milk and assistance for their agricultural activities from these cattle. This project influences others to be grateful to animals and to spread compassion towards needy animals.     

A cattle sanctuary started to make a home for helpless cattle that disabled, old, injured or having any other difficulty of living. This is a part of cattle saving project is the first of its kind not only in Sri Lanka but also in the world. When a suitable new owner cannot be found or cattle are too weak, these animals are given shelter in this sanctuary.  It is located at Koulara nearby famous water tank Udawalawa. These cows are fed by full-time workers and attended by the local veterinary doctor. This project promotes compassion towards innocent and helpless beings.


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