Our Society is organising chanting for the above event as a foremost duty towards our departed ones.

Date : 5 August  2019 to 10 August 2019 -Mahayana Chanting & Pali Chanting

Time : 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Date : 11 August 2019 (Last day) -Pali Chanting

Time : 10.00 am (Morning)

Registration of Tablet for transferring of merits is now available: Continue reading

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Dear Devotees & Dharma Friends,


Our Society is celebrating the following programs. We invite you and your family members to join us in these celebrations.

1.    Dhamma Talk

       Conducted by: Ven (Dr) Sobhita Maha Thero

       Date:  20th October  2018

       Time:  9.30am


                   No 26 Lorong 27A Geylang ,Singapore 388115





地点:  南洋普寧會館

No 26 Lorong 27A,  Geylang Singapore 388115         


2.  Robe Offering Ceremony  

     We are celebrates Kathina by inviting Community of Monks from different traditions to participate in this meaningful event. With the merits acquired from offering robes to Maha Sangha, we will gain good health, good, luck, prosperity and happiness in this life and hereafter. Robes offered will be distributed to temples in Sri Lanka; Cambodia & India. We sincerely invite you to take part in this meaningful event.

     Date: 20th October  2019

      Time: 10.30 am to 1.00 pm.  (Lunch will be provided)


                 No 26 Lorong 27A Geylang ,Singapore 388115

2. 卡提那供养袈裟在南传佛教,结夏安居之后供养袈裟给僧众是无量的大功德!今年,大菩提学佛会恭请世界各地不同宗派的僧众,供养袈裟共庆此佛教庄严日。透由供养袈裟,我们均可在今生或来世, 获得大福报如健康,幸福, 财富与快乐。所供养的袈裟将捐助给世界各地的寺院如斯里兰卡, 柬埔寨 与印度。我们诚意邀请您,参与这庄严节庆。

日期: 10 20 2019(星期日)

早上9时到下午1时 (供应午餐)

地点:  南洋普寧會館

芽笼27A巷,门牌26号, 新加坡邮区388115


Robes are now open for registration:

Main Katina Robe : $1000 (1 set only)

卡典那袈裟 : $1000 (只限一位)

Eightfold requisites set : $500 (7 sets only)

僧众八样必需品 requisites set : $500 (只限七位)

Spacial Offerings for Monks : $80 (30 sets )

供养僧众贡品: $80 (只限三十位 )

Full Robe 袈裟全套 : S$50


Any enquiry for the above events, please contact 请联络 ::

Bhante at our Society, Tel No. 6747 8066 or

Mrs. Ling, Tel No. 6298 4947 before 6.00 pm


Interested participants can  enquiry you may contact the following:
Mrs Ling-96738190

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transparent-arrow-hi    Sunday Dhamma class and Mediation for Children ,

Dhamma Calss psd

transparent-arrow-hi   BIRTHDAY OF KWAN IM (BODHISATTVA AVALOKITESHVARA) 观音诞(观世音菩萨诞辰) 2019 7 21日(星期日)

transparent-arrow-hi    7th MONTH FESTIVAL  七月盂兰盆会  201986日至812

transparent-arrow-hi    RAINY RETREAT (VASSANA) 

      A traditional ceremony of Invitation for Monks to observe Vassana Retreat

       21 July 2019 (Sunday) .  Time : 9.30am

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Dhamma Talk ( Chinese)


Dhamma discussion 2019


Dates: 19th July 2019(Friday)



Conducted by  讲法法师: Venerable Yong Guang

Time 时间:  7.30pm

Venue: Bodhiraja Buddhist Society


                 All are welcome !    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻                   

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Next Cattle Release program on 25th March 2019

Cattle Saving Program & Cattle Sanctuary

To cultivate Buddhist virtues of non-violence and compassion towards all beings, a cattle saving programme was started and it has been continued well with the support of many local and international philanthropists. Bodhiraja Buddhist Society is the main donor for this programme. More than 8500 cattle have been rescued so far giving their lives back to these innocent animals

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Photos from last Month>>> 17 . 03 . 2018

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Seven factors of the Enlightenment (Bojjhanga Suttas)

Überschrift ©Davids/Laessig
Copyright: DAVIDS/Laessig 
Copyright: DAVIDS/Laessig 
Copyright: DAVIDS/Laessig
Rev E .Gunasiri Thero
Article from FORYOU MAGAZINE – SINGAPORE February 2018

Health is the highest gain in one’s Life( Arōgyā paramā lābhā). Every sentient being suffers from different kind of sicknesses and diseases. Illness is a part of our real life. It may be caused due to many different physical causes or some psychological factors or hidden factors as past Kamma. According to the discourse of Upajjhatthana Sutta(“Subjects for Contemplation”)in Anguttara_Nikaya, there are five remembrances facts regarding life’s fragility and our true inheritance. The discourse advises that these facts are to be reflected upon often by all. Among these five facts ,one of the factor is “I am sure to become ill; I cannot avoid illness and I am subject to illness, have not gone beyond illness(Vyādhidhammomhi vyādhiṃ anatīto….).We are used to take medicine when we got sick. In most cases, medicine helps for recovery. Medicine may cause to regain our lost physically energy and to resettle it. However, medicine itself cannot help to keep health of our mantel energy. Continue reading

Every Sunday at 2.00pm

Venue Bodhiraja Buddhist Society No.9 Lorong 30, Geylang Singapore 398347

For More AInformation Call 67478066/ 81024365 web: bodhirajabs.com / Facebook: bodhirajabuddhistsociety.singapore
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Buddhist way of living in harmony  Equality without divisions

Venerable Dr. Omalpe Sobhita Nayake Thero 


Living beings are differ in bodies and minds. “Nanatta kaya, nanattha sanna”

People having different temperaments are the nature of the world, according to the Buddha.  Living beings differ according to their karma or the volitional action. It is a universal truth.  Failure to accept it leads to disaster. (Kammam satte vibhajati yadidam hinappanitataya)

Dictator Hitler wanted to create an ‘Aryan Nation’ and make the Germans a superior race. The strong moves he made in this direction resulted in the deaths of over five million people.

Cambodian Leader Pol Pot wanted to build his country under a dictatorship of the proletariat. He thought that only the proletariat should live. His policy thus led to the deaths of at least two million people.

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